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The Revenge of Roller Disco

If you're the praying type, keep my mom in your prayers. She's going in for surgery on Oct 28th. She's getting a polyp removed from one of her sinuses. It's blocking the sinus and causing recurring infections and just overall discomfort. It's pretty routine and should be just fine, but prayers are always good.

So apparently on Oct 30th there is "The Revenge of Roller Disco" at USA Skates here in Indy (west side). I'm considering going, because I haven't been roller skating in a while and it's FUN. The flyer says "Costume contest: best costume wins a pair of vintage roller skates and a spot in the film" What film? I don't know. But roller skating in costume to disco music sounds fun(ny).

Anyone want to go? Ron is a chicken and doesn't want to go. (Yes, I'm being lazy and asking here instead of emailing my friends) It's 8-11pm and $7 at Karma. I'm not sure if that includes skates or not. If it doesn't I probably won't go, because that's a rip-off. I'll check and find out.

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