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The Story of Our Lives

anything and everything is meaningless..

Ugh, being tired.. but not able to sleep.. really stinks. My schedule has been messed up most of this semester and doesn't appear to be correcting itself anytime soon.

our hearts are burning bright
as we're lifted out of nowhere..

I got a 93 on my presentation in African-American Studies. Hopefully the research paper gets a similar grade; together it's worth 30% of our grade. The "midterm" test we just took in there was just 10% of our grade. (??)

I get to see FIF tonight for probably the last time ever. I'm looking forward to it. gWyn, you should have gone to see them when you had the chance. Unfortunately they're not coming to NZ on this farewell tour.

our songs all stay behind
to sing the story of our lives

This song, The Story of Our Lives, is really good. It's on the new Echoing Green album I got. It's an interesting combination of bitersweet life and hope, along with catchy music of course. It fits well with Ecclesiastes (sp?) which we've been going over at church.

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the goofball the goofball
I still think you're awesome, gRegor. :-)

the goofball the goofball
Just FYI... the emphasis in that statement should be put on the word "awesome".

Yeah... I'm a dork. :-P

g_wyn g_wyn
i'm thinking that i might send FIF a letter. my first (and probably only) fan letter ever.

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