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This is not Information

This is the IUPUI Service Center at Glendale Mall. This is not the mall information desk. I know the library upstairs said that the "INRC Grant Writing" class was moved "downstairs", but it's not here at the IUPUI Service Center. I have a hunch that it's down the hall at this location, but that's all I can tell you. No, I don't know for sure where it's at. Why would I?

We get treated like mall information because of our location at the bottom of the stairs. It's annoying, because if they'd just read our sign.. or if the library would have been a bit more specific than "downstairs".

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heidi dislikes star wars heidi dislikes star wars
hahah ..
sucker .
i go to you with my annoying questions,
they should be able to, too. :D

thanks for my fsf thing .
and the email.
go you .
- h e i d i -

brandy brandy
AMEN boys are stupid.

g_wyn g_wyn
that is true. cs bites.
today is good, though, as mondays go, b/c it is a public holiday. i think i have gotten 4 calls in 3 hrs at work. speaking of...i should go take my break now. but i can't be bothered.

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