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Let it never be said that I only write about negative customer service experiences. Granted, most of my customer service stories are negative (because people are stupid), but this one isn't.

A Mr. Manning called in today to register. He was pleasant, which is rare. So when I got his name to fill out his registration, he said "not to be confused with that other Manning around these parts who plays football; he's my cousin. I taught him everything he knows actually, but does he thank me? Nah."

For those who aren't local or just don't follow sports (hey, I don't either, I just know the name) - there is a Manning on the Indianpolis Colts team. I think it's Brent Manning if I recall correctly.

In other news, I'm very blessed and thankful that with today's paycheck I will be able to pay off the rest of my credit card debt and be debt free. Praise God.

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Guy Guy
Congratulations on the debt-freeness!
What's your number again? I have some questions about web hosting... and also... it would kind of be cool just to talk to ya, heh heh. Rock on bro! -- j3k

Sheryl Sheryl
It's Peyton Manning. Apparently I know *almost* as little about sports as you do.

natums_angel natums_angel
Hey there Gregor. I finally made it to your site. Looking nice. I saw on Nate's site that you were kinda in town. Since you didn't come by I'm guessing you didn't stay long? Hope all is well with your life.

gwyneth gwyneth
yes, i work in a call centre. we keep ourselves sane by talking about how stupid people are. and they really, really are.

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