gRegorLove little g big R


g_wyn g_wyn
your political awareness stretches me.
i appreciate it.

april april
stumbeled upon your site... my mom's maiden name is love... my middle name is love ... uh yeah

Brandy Brandy
No, no... you see... I absolutely LOVE Will Ferrel... Hence the reason as to why I saw it..

doesn't change the fact that it sucked... Tights or not.

Seriously.. The dumbest SNL skit he was EVER in was better than that movie.

.. I did giggle a few times.. .just not anything that impressed me.

...... and the burp scene is over-rated.

g_wyn g_wyn
my sister said she really liked that movie.

D.F.O.T.S.O.D. D.F.O.T.S.O.D.
I like the biting nature of the quote, but I guess I have played the role of a cynic, and have read the works of cynics for so long that I have been desensitized to such things. Not to imply that the sentiments expressed through the quote was without purpose. However, I do have a rather long Mark Twain quote on my Anti-Flag album that you would appreciate.

your potential favorite heidi your potential favorite heidi
you're jealous that the governator isn't your governor .

- h e i d i -

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