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Lock and Load

Assignment: program a database in C++
Due: tonight at midnight
Code: 5PM - 1808 lines of code and counting.

Still have two SQL statements to program. I'll be here right till the deadline it looks like.

* Update 10PM
Code: 2044 lines of code and counting.

* Finished 11:50PM
Code: 2168 lines of code.

I got all but one statement working, the SELECT statement. Well it works very minimally.. only allowing a select of all columns in a single table, not specific columns, or joining of tables. For those of you who care, or are mad (Ian, basically, on both counts), you can look at the project description here. Don't be a programmer kids, it's not as glamorous or fun as it might sound. Or at least don't ever program a database in C++. :)

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g_wyn g_wyn
good luck.
i wish my website looked as cool s yours. waaah.

BurnDark BurnDark
Oh, how I miss the mad coding right until the deadline.
Wait, what am I saying? I've gome mad!

BurnDark BurnDark
Good Joerb!

your least favorite heidi your least favorite heidi
relief is such a great feeling.<3

Kitty Kitty
Being a programmer isn't glamorous? Whodathunkit?! Heh... oh well... lol

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