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I've been meaning to write, but kept forgetting to or got side-tracked with something else.

First, a cool story. I got to give Jesus a ride Tuesday night. I was returning a video just down the road and there he was, walking north. He asked if I was going to Clermont and if I could give him a ride. I wasn't going to Clermont, but I was going that direction. Clermont is only a couple miles further, so I said I didn't mind taking him there.

We talked a bit on the way. Apparently he has had his driver's license permanently suspended, due to driving while his license was suspended previously. He was walking back from seeing his kids, and was quite grateful for me giving him a ride. In a short time, we were where he needed to be, exchanged "be blessed"s and that was that. I thought that was cool. [In case you're confused, read Matthew 25]

B. I need to take my car back in to the shop. I have pretty much since after I picked it up, because it's still losing radiator fluid somehow. That wasn't the primary thing they fixed, however they did replace the water pump, tightened a hose that was (supposedly) loose and leaking fluid, and should have checked over the whole system. My school/work schedule is so wacky that I don't have one day that I can spare (since it would probably take at least half a day, more like one). I'm going to call today, perhaps they'll be nice and give me a loaner car so I don't have to skip class or miss work.

III. God was very gracious to me. This one class I have, African American Experience, I have fallen behind in. First of all, there is an awful lot of reading for the class - and that is outside of the book report and group research project due this latter half of the semester. I only got through half the book for the book report, and ended up skipping it since it was just 5% of the grade. Since I've been focusing on the classes in my major, particularly the harder ones (like that Database Concepts class), all I had really gotten around to was meeting up with a group I could join. But then my car broke down and I missed several classes, and the research paper just wasn't going to happen. It's 25% of the grade, so I can't easily just skip it like the book report. But it was due last week.

So I decided to try to get an Incomplete. Which basically means I would have up to a year to finish the course requirements. Normally they're only granted under extenuating circumstances like sickness, death in the family, etc. Despite having neither of these, the professor was gracious and is allowing me to turn in the research paper beginning of next semester. I'll sit through the rest of this semester and take the final, which is 10% of the grade. I know, the grading in this class is funky. I'm just glad I don't have to get a really poor grade in this class.

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BurnDark BurnDark
I'm sure that writing a paper over break will be no fun. But it's good to hear that your prof was so kind.

you-re bright. you-ll figure it out you-re bright. you-ll figure it out
You don't call. You don't write. I am getting the sneakin suspicion that you don't want this relationship anymore.

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