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I almost forgot:

I got a golden (Cornerstone) ticket..
I got a golden (Cornerstone) ticket..

Apparently Teen Mania is sponsoring/running the youth Breakaway ministry this year. That should be interesting. TM doesn't typically "fit in" at Cornerstone, but perhaps they are adapting or something. It's supposed to actually be Ron Luce and Josh McDowell (all week? I don't know, but at least for some of the time). It would be funny to see/hear Ron's reaction to the experience that is Cornerstone.

Anyway, it's kinda cool. I'm sure they'll get a decent response from some, since all sorts of kids go to Cornerstone.

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I don't know gRegor, Cornerstone has become quite the mainstream hobby ever since the alternative and punk scene was prostitutionalized seven or eight years ago. Christians in this society shunned the stuff until corporate America said that it was marketable. It has become so bad that the weird people are outnumbered by the people who are trying to be weird; like it is some fashion statement at Cornerstone. So
Ron Luce, and Josh McDowell will fit in just fine.

Hmm, perhaps. I don't know. In '98 when I went to C-stone representing TM we didn't get that good of a response. An OK response because of youth group kids, but the general populance wasn't interested, or hated TM.

But hey, at least people are *trying* to be weird. All we need are more "normal" people in this world. Haha.

I'm curious.. do I know you? I'm clueless on the initials..

yes you do know me, I am surprised that my comment wasn't saturated enough with my flavor. I will email you the initials so that you will be clueless no more :).

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