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Dumb Idea

Yeah, so I had a dumb idea (being a boy, I'm good at this) that might be fun. Click this link, which will load up a random xanga site. Take a line, or phrase, from whichever xanga site comes up, and put it in the comments here.

Obviously the idea is to go for a bit of continuity, perhaps like a story. But it will surely be silly and funny. Everyone can participate more than once, just not twice in a row (give others a chance!). Put the xanga name you got it from, and try not to use quotes from the same xanga more than once. Hey, maybe even leave a comment letting them know what we're doing, so they can participate too.

I'll start out:
I forgot to mention the story of me in the restroom Friday evening.. [FoxyKoolRoxy]

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BurnDark BurnDark
It was quite a night![SarahR2178]

Elizabeth Elizabeth
i found out a really funny word.. "pooter" (SpAdeS_MonRoe)

brandy brandy
Today was Elfff Dayeee bizznatcccHhHHhHhhHhhHHh [girLnaMedLoVer63]

seren seren
don't worry that's not literal (Scyrax)

shroomgirl shroomgirl
yea this weekend was shitteh [Tok3N]

it is so easy to piss people off at this lame school. [ScarletSeaRose]

BurnDark BurnDark
Life is weird.[GirlinLove413]

shroomgirl shroomgirl
Wow. Normally I don't stay awake at this time. [ripbud1]

Seren Seren
My inner child is sixteen years old! (P_GorGor)

g_wyn g_wyn
At first glance, we see this pale blue party-pooper as simply that (blynwyn)

Elizabeth Elizabeth
uhms i went to the mall and watched matrix revolutions with marc and johnson, thats like all. [konfuzhun]

cora_lynn cora_lynn
{note: the first site had the "f" word too many times to repeat here}

i'm truly disappointed.... i thought did my very best as a girl friend. but i still end up with an ending like this. [grassgrass]

c_diddy c_diddy
Everyone there officially thinks the flutes suck, but who cares. [silliepoo]

ron ron

Pietr Bianchi Pietr Bianchi
OK... I was bored... Here is a poorly written, purely fictitious _________. If it makes any sense to you at all, then your _________ or you need to attend some meetings of which (AA) I care not to discuss at this time. Remember as you read this, this is purely fictitous writing!....

Pietr-s Editor Pietr-s Editor
Opsss.....that quote was from [ssscccoottt's]

middleageguy middleageguy
Oh! and one more thing, their shopping carts have this really fancy security system~ hahaha~ they lock up if they are taken away from the parking lot of the store~(sasa_suga)

lindsay lindsay
Wed: went to school i got out early n went to chill with one of my boys, (SHUT UP LiL C*) [grymelle85]


cameron cameron
yeah im becoming good friends with all the popl i use to b good friends with b4, but its like u never will forget those ppl for that period of time that chnaged who you were, into who you are today. u cant honestly say that it didnt mean anything to you, causse everythin has an affect on you, but its your decision to accept it as a good thing or a bad thing. my mom told me once that there will b a close friend that will neevr run away or leave ur side that u will b with till the end of ur life... [pray4pre]

I'm not sure I understand a word of that.

wookie wookie
wow I spend a lot of time on the computer now.. that I don't have a guy in my life {spunkgrrl}

TAGtheToad TAGtheToad
AHHHH!!!!! Dance is tomorrow!!!(marlenellie)

Melissa Melissa
"Just had a wicked, yes that is right, WICKED good night hehe." [awayfromthesun13]

Laughing_city Laughing_city
We captured that bastard. Madd props to our forces out there. one down one more to go. Come on guys u can do it.

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