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Random AIM stuff

gwYn: ps: you should write crap on your site.

Always one to oblige: CRAP

sarah: halo!
me: hey hey
me: I'm actually about to go take a shower
sarah: you mean... get naked!
sarah: i'll be right over
*** [sarah] signed off at Sun Nov 30 19:25:51 2003.

Ooh la la :-]

mike: "There is never a good time for life. Marriage, kids, new job... no matter what you are facing, I guarantee you aren't ready for it. Because the fact is: 'Now is not a good time.' Unfortunately, if you wait for a good time, you will wait your entire life... and you will do nothing."
mike: My brother told me that when I asked him how he felt when he found out his wife was pregnant for the first time.

Well said.. but still hard to live out, at times.

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jee_wyn jee_wyn
thanks gRegor. thanks.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kathy Your Friendly Neighborhood Kathy
hmmm... (I wish you could hear the tone of voice behind my different hmmm's b/c they really do communicate a lot. Just not online. Damn the internet. Heh... LOL J/K... sorry internet.)

not so secret roundish person not so secret roundish person
Hmmm... I have yet to have that happen... but would like for it to someday. 8 )

ron ron
I will assume that i am the only male on this comment log, and I will have to say that I hope for this to happen so that I may confirm or deny the hottness of gRegor

ron: the poster above you was doug.
doug: "roundish"???

both: I really have no idea what the heck you're talking about. What are you talking about "happening"? Showering with someone elses wife, or getting married? Haha.

Marriage wasn't what I was getting at with that last quote, just the general concept. :)

BurnDark BurnDark
I think that Doug has yet to take a shower. That is what has not happened to him yet.

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