gRegorLove little g big R


gRegor is heidi-s favorite gRegor is heidi-s favorite
be happy . !!

- h e i d i -

ron ron
Does it need a priest?

BlackWolf BlackWolf
No wopds higher then ninty, whyyyyyy. So here is my post all over again. Becuase you made me start all over again so the effect is effectivly diminshed.


I am sorry I was on high-8-tis for a few months. But I am here really I am.

Although maybe you need a high-8-tis of your own.

Maybe a coma, and not death.


BlackWolf BlackWolf
That word by the way is only 89 characters long and not 90 because even though your limit says 90 it really is 89.


Jonathan Elliott Jonathan Elliott
Gregor How else would I be able to keep track of you without this web site.

Your greatest fan,

Jonathan Elliott :-)

Kathy Kathy
1 million eProps

Kathy Kathy
btw, the 1 million eProps wasn't in celebration of gRegorLove dying... In fact the eProps were simply love for gRegorLove... or maybe they were just my way of sticking my tounge out at gRegor... b/c I think eProps are stupid and gRegor thinks I'm loopy. Whatever!

Here's an additional 2 million eProps!

i AM weird enough to read it regularly! i AM weird enough to read it regularly!
gRegor, i'd have to protest your ecclesiastical not follow through. ok? ok.

me me
We love you, gRegor.

BurnDark BurnDark
What's with the melancholy crap?

cora_lynn cora_lynn
i second gwyn. "don't go... you said you wouldn't, you said you couldn't...don't go" (from brett detar of juliana theory fame)

noone noone
*** What does dying mean to this place *
What logic does it follow, for you so logical *
What do you mean, literally, poetically? *
A sigh, a hmm, an abstract thought, *
Caught, somewhere in between the lines, *
Of poetically illogical thoughts. *
And perhaps I don?t belong in this place *
Asking questions about time machines *
And sighs and looks in eyes, *
Little things you don?t notice I notice. *
Perhaps I am looking more closely, *
Than current closeness permits *
Compelled by a curiosity about one so, *
Seemingly open to interpretation. ***

Your Babies Mama Your Babies Mama
Hey I don't have any deep jazz to say to bring you off the edge of the cliff but if you do it you'll miss out on all the good stuff. Stuff like....OK I can't think of anything right now but ya. I think you know what I mean.

Stay together for the kids!

shauna shauna
awhh .
don't dieee .
i just found you .


Natalie Natalie
are you squirrel handed? gregor is a weird name.

it's been a month since you posted this.. so i hope you aren't dead. Websites are awesome.. don't give up on them.

brandy brandy
ok 1. no dying. 2. I shall kill you for the "janitorial" comment left on my xanga.

what was your job? call monkey? :-p

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