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Reading is good for you...

So go read some miscellaenous good crap, as opposed to my mediocre crap (I kid, I kid..)

1 - Porn Producer Jimmy D to produce the next XXX Church commercial

For the uninitiated (or those with knee-jerk reactions), XXX Church is an anti-porn ministry, and despite the sound of the headline, this is good news.

A snippet from Jimmy D:

Anyway, I went to and checked out what these particular anti-porn Christians had to say. And while I can't say I'm ready to see the light, I'll admit these people don't come off as whacko zealots. And they seem to have a sense of humor and a penchant for the offbeat (as indicated by their kung fu Jesus t-shirt).

Read it all at the link above.

2 - Martin Luther King Day

My problem with Martin Luther King Day is that it celebrates a civil rights revolution that achieved the opposite of King?s intention. Today we are judged by the color of our skin.

3 - From the 'Oww, stop! My sides are aching from laughing so hard' Department: Rapture Letters

If you wish to do something now that will help your unbelieving friends and family after the rapture, you need to add those persons email address to our database. Their names will be stored indefinitely and a letter will be sent out to each of them on the first Friday after the rapture. Then they will receive another letter every friday after that.

You can even read the letter they will send out. My question, though, is what if the computers that send out these rapture letters get raptured, too? Well then I guess everyone is really screwed.

That's all for now. I'll post more as I find more interesting crap.

So until next time, send me your comments, and I'll make fun of you

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kathy with k--- for kickin- kathy with k--- for kickin-
hmm on 2- wow gRegor... hmm i s'pose that's not exactly explicit and could be taken the wrong way... oh well i'll leave it at wow

As usual, I don't really know what the heck you're saying..

kathy... with a k for konfusing kathy... with a k for konfusing
lol... yep... sorry gRegor..

ass loads of robot monkey fun ass loads of robot monkey fun
Number 2 was cool; very poignant
was number 3 for real?

shauna shauna
ahh . yes .
i do hope those cali. gals pay us a visit .

that would kick so much dirt .

BurnDark BurnDark
About #3, how would that work? How would the computer know when to send the letters? Wouldn't someone have to log on once a week and tell the computer not to send the letters?

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