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Three Oh: Director's Cut

Thirty days
  to learn thirty lessons

It's been thirty days. Still don't know much of anything. Learning lessons doesn't mean you really know anything. Statements like this shouldn't be construed as "sad" or "depressing", in my opinion. It's just a fact of life you hopefully learn as you grow older - "the more I know, the more I realize I know nothing at all."

I debated leaving comments open on that last post, because I did not want it to appear I was seeking sympathy or reassurance. I wasn't.

Thirty days
  to meet thirty people

Some asked if I would be writing again. I said "I don't know", because honestly I didn't. I had no intention of writing again after thirty days or any set period, but I didn't have any intention of getting rid of the site, either. In fact I renewed it for another year shortly after my last post. I imagine I will have for many years to come, even if to just keep cyber-squaters from infringing on my trademark. Anyway, it just so happened that I'd been thinking about posting this recently, and it's been a month, so I wrote my little diddy going along with this fact.

I suppose I have just become tired with where I am at in life. I am ready to move on, though I know I cannot quite yet. Soon though; school will be done in less than a year. Wow. It is exciting, being at the brink of some major life changes. I am tired of this known, and am ready to seek the unknown.

Thirty days
  to have thirty conversations

My holidays went pretty well; quite relaxing and stress free. Not being a consumer will do that.

Lots of time spent with friends - conversating, laughing, and annointing.

Making gifts and cookies for people, even those who don't like sweets. Oops. But they thanked me anyway.

Sorry, I am not squirrel-handed. But that is ok, because I'm a catch even without a squirrel hand. I have a weird name, and Beth looks like a dude.

Thirty days
  to make thirty wrongs

I'm going back to an initial rule I had explained a while ago. I don't want to hear the mention of someone elses name unless 1) that person is right there, 2) it is a compliment about that person, or 3) it is clearly public knowledge, like "it's so-and-so's birthday".

Your life and mine will all be simpler.

Thirty days
  to make things right

"we are the matched and numbered ones who live in constant disrepair.
   you may be blessed by,
      you may be blessed by your own ghost" -- elliott

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non operational non operational
gRegor, I'm confused. Because... okay, well, I've come to the conclusion that you're emo. But I don't hate you. See my problem? I'm torn. Because... you are(and yes, you are) emo... and I am - by nature and years of homeschooling - designed from my genetic structure up to destroy emo upon sight... or anything that even has the word 'emo' in it. You won't believe how many demo tapes and remo drum rings I've destroyed.

So... what do I do? Because I don't want to kill you. Could this be a glitch in my programming? Oh crap... it's probably a fatal system error, I can feel it. Uh-oh. Oh sh

Burndark Burndark
I am tired of the unknown and am ready to seek the known.

No, there's a glitch in your *understanding*, jeeves. I'm not "emo", unless of course by "emo" you mean I have emotions, in which case the correct term is actually "human".

Or is it just because I listen to music that you narrowly define as "emo"? I'm striving hard to understand you here, honestly, unless you were actually kidding, but it didn't sound like it. Nothing about this was "emo", and I thought I had explained that fairly well.

There is nothing very interesting or exciting in the known, personally. The known is my comfort zone.

I'd also like to point out that the "rule" I mentioned is the antithesis of emo.

*sigh* *sigh*
your post semi-inspired another stupid poem by me. it's not even done. it sucks. hope you like it.

I cry today
Not tears of despair
Not even tears of happiness
Tears of joy
That little felt feeling in this world
I am not in a state of despair
Nor am I happy
I am joyful
Because today I realized
Something I have realized before
And will continue to realize every day more
That though this life is full of
Sorrow and disappointment
Laughter and pleasure
It is quickly fading
It is dying and so am I
That someday in forever all of my other
Emotions will be useless to me
Joy will rule my heart
All I will want is all I can have
All I will want is all of you

gwyneth gwyneth
i think jeeves was sorta kidding...i mean, he obviously doesn't want to destroy you...
anyway, i got your mix cd today. i'm excited. haven't listened to it yet. b/cos...i haven't had time.
blah blah blah.
i'm tired. and a little stressed, to be honest.

sarah-s boyfriend sarah-s boyfriend
heehee. c'mon you kids. I was totally kidding. geezie weezie, can't a guy tell a joke that doesn't sound like a joke but is actually mildly threatening and disturbing around here?

the tone says it all the tone says it all
no, sarah-s boyfriend, you bigoted motherfucker! you need to be crucified on your own burning cross! And I want to be the guy who is driving in the nails.
You are the reason that certain people shouldn't procreate; so I will put your parents on either side of you to punish them for adding to the nazi problem in American Christianity. I will bring a book so I can read to the screams.

Mandark- Monarch of Darkness Mandark- Monarch of Darkness
doug, kathy, sheryl, dan, emily, ben, ian
they are not right here, and did you notice that there is no compliment?
I have broken the rule 7x over! I am so evil. Now is the time to do the pan dance in my boxers with my index fingers as mock horns.

Hey, don't you be calling my friends dirty names - even in jest, Ron Juan.

Besides, you dont wanna mess with jeeves, trust me.

And it's the spirit of the law, not the letter. You can list NAMES of people all day long for all I care.

Bah, enjoy your dance. :-]

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