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Welcome to the freak club

Well, apparently there is now the first unofficial gRegorLove fan club -- er, blog. Actually, 'freak club' might be more accurate since the two people who started it are freaks.

I've heard it said, growing up through high school, that Mt Dew is "the nectar of the gods", but I think I have to disagree. Minute Maid's Cranberry Apple Raspberry is where it's at, baby. Their Ruby Red Grapefruit juice comes in close second.

Blindside has a new album coming out on Feb 24, titled "About a Burning Fire". The single from it is being played on a local station - it's Ok, kind of been growing on me. But I visited their site last night and they had the title track avaiable for download (you just have to sign up for their email list) - and wow, what a great song. Fans who have missed their screaming.. should love this song. Great lyrics, too.

Love is destructive for the ego.
  And Your voice is the only thing
that speaks rebelliously in this world of claiming your own.

    There is no peace outside if there's nothing within.
  Love is addictive for the spirit.
And Your voice whispers with a roar,

    that fire rises up, refills.
      Place the right king on the throne

- About a Burning Fire

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ed the chic ed the chic
yaaaaaaay new blindside!!!

Brandy Brandy
Pfft. not on the "good reads list" Saying my xanga is boring?


so I took off the counter just for you. I was wondering why the crap I was getting pop ups... interesting.. thanks, yo.

jimmy vomits the ramones jimmy vomits the ramones
I heard the a blindsong on the raido tonight, and all I could think was "can this get any more whiny?" Then the dj comes on and tells me who it is, and I just had to shudder: Chevelle is one whiny sounding Christian band too many, and now we have blindside...woo hoo.

First, it's Blindside, not Blindsong

Second, it's not whiny.

Third, Chevelle isn't a Christian band.

Fourth, Chevelle isn't whiny.

Fifth, you're one whiny Christian too many.

The Katherine The Katherine
first... maybe they're freaks but it you that said freaks chose for their obsession... I mean hello... pot... kettle... have ya met?!

second... it's proper name is razcrappleberry juice... and it is the shiznit!

and third... I actually have probably heard blindside (and probably liked them from what I hear) but just dont' remember... but someone who stayed up all night told me this morning that I "should hear blindside and I should love them"... so hmm... I'll think about it...

The Katherine The Katherine
oh yeah and btw... why am I *still* not on your good reads list either... sheesh... don't you love me... *sniff*

like I need to say like I need to say
holy shit, kathy!

Brandy Brandy
*shakes fist for calling me an emo kid*
Thanks for putting me on the "list"

The Katherine The Katherine
holy shit, what?!

Minor Threat vomits Fugazi Minor Threat vomits Fugazi
what is an emo kid, besides being a lover of the music?

like you don-t already know like you don-t already know
no, coconut mocha frappicino is the nectar of the gods...get it right, boomer!

BenDavid BenDavid
yo. is your email still the same? acutally never mind, just email me so i can respond. ha ha ha hah a.

heidi in da house heidi in da house
a gregor fanclub.

- h e i d i -

The Katherine The Katherine
hehe... heidi is now on the gRegor loving bandwagon... and don't let gRegor's protests fool ya... he loves the fact that he has a "freak" club... and he should be really happy b/c now the demographics of the fan club are 50% female and 50% male... all the women want him and all the men wanna be him...

We Need More gRegor Lovin- We Need More gRegor Lovin-
that gREgor is like sooo hot right now...
gRegor is the new matt damon...
green is the new blue...

shaunananana shaunananana
hahaha .
i want a fan club !!!
or.. freak club.

or.. any club !


-- shauna

brandy brandy
You WANT to come to alumni weekend...

Sane people for the weekend! C'mon! You have to!!! And I mean.. the coolest person in the world would be stuck here... maybe her coolness would rub off.. yup. come.

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