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Happy Waitangi Day (NZ)

gwyN should appreciate that. I only know thanks to my Dave Barry daily calendar. Thanks Dave! So my question is, what exactly is it, gwYn? Yes, I'm too lazy to look it up and you're the En-Zed-Head, so I figured you should know. :-]

I watched Lost in Translation last night. I've been wanting to see it for a while. I was pretty pleased, though a bit taken back since I didn't really know what to expect. I was mainly interested because it had Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansen (Ghost World), who both seem to have respectable taste in the movies they do.

Bill plays Bob Harris, a former action movie star who is in Tokyo for a week to work on a marketing campaign for whiskey. He is "lost", kind of going through pre-midlife crisis. He's been married 25 years and there is a distance between him and his wife Lydia (when you hear several phone conversations).

Lydia: "Do I need to worry about you, Bob?"
Bob: "Only if you want to."

Scarlett plays Charlotte; she is in Tokyo with her husband who is a photographer. The relationship between her and her husband is not developed too well in the movie, but you get the gist that things aren't quite right between them. They love each other, but the marriage is new (2 years), and she doesn't know what to make of herself, having just finished school with a philosophy degree.

Of course, both characters are American and know nothing of Japanese or the culture, so they're rather disoriented and just kind of float by. They eventually find each other and a unique friendship develops. They connect because they can understand each other, obviously, and also because of their disorientedness in life, not just Japan.

As you watch, it might seem like it's a perfect setup for an affair, but it's not (thankfully). There is a lot of subtlety that makes you wonder, but at the same time there is more reality to it than such a typical movie setup. There is a scene towards the end of the movie that captures their relationship well and you realize the connection they have. I think you just need to see it, because I can't quite do it justice with words.

There is an objectionalbe part of the film, about 30 seconds where they are in a topless bar. Although the situation that puts them there is kind of funny and there is a funny line, it wasn't really necessary. I think on a whole, though, the movie makes up for this transgression.

It's interesting because the movie allows you to think - it doesn't just come out and tell you what to think. I like those type of movies. I'm sure I could watch it a few more times and get more each time.

Charlotte: "I'm stuck. Does it get easier?"
Bob: "No... Yes, it get's easier"
C: "Oh yeah? Look at you."
B: "Thanks"

B: "The more you know who you are and what you want... the less you let things upset you."

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jeebus 3000 jeebus 3000
I saw half of it... and had to take Sarah home. Bah. From what I did see of it, I figure it's a movie best enjoyed alone, anyways. Actually... I rented it on my card, and I'm not sure what they did with the dvd. Hmm. I should look into that.
I liked Virgin Suicides a lot(Sofia Coppola's first and only other film she's directed)... and I liked the soundtrack more(the whole thing was scored by AIR). If you haven't seen(or heard) it, check it out.

Brandy Brandy
hahahaha. I know a guy named Jeebus for real. hahaha. is that jeeves?

ok. important stuff. my profile pic doesn't show up for others but it does when for me when I log in... would you know what the crap is going on?

Brandy Brandy
I'm not sure I enjoy this whole "pestered to be on the list" deal.. :-p

Sheryl Sheryl
I had a hard time staying interested in Lost in Translation. Watch American Splendor, gRegor... I bet you'd like it. Better than Lost in Translation, IMO.

The Katherine The Katherine
Brandy... I feel your pain..

I have no idea what either of you are talking about. :-]

And yeah, I've seen The Virgin Suicides.. definitely a great movie, and a great soundtrack.

shauna shauna
i want to see that movie..
sooooooo badly.
it looks amazing.

anyways. yes.
like you , i am leaving only one comment.. not 50.


-- shauna

lIke I have to say lIke I have to say
What is the waittangi day all about? Where is the almighty gwyN? Shall she not be as the messiah and explain this perfectly...finally somebody asked about the day. I still hold to my previous comment: You all suck!!!

I am he who shall be named Him I am he who shall be named Him
maybe gwyN is a mythological girl that gRegor made up to verify his sexinesss, and he made up the whole NZ thing to give this fictional girl some depth, and background.
Just like organzied religion he makes up these fictional charachters so all bow down and worship him. But I shall not acquiesce.

We Need More gRegor Lovin- We Need More gRegor Lovin-
heh.. yeah gRegor makes up fictional girls all the time... like his friends Kathy and Cathy... they are totally in his imagination...

gRegor-love-this gRegor-love-this
do they also repeat their comments on his weblog?

If I made up Kathy, then clearly Ron Juan is delusional since he also interacts with her. But didn't we already know this?

And of course, if I were to make up imaginary girls, why would I make up ones so crazy as Sheryl, Kathy, and Cathy?


Sheryl Sheryl
You forgot Gwyn. She's pretty crazy too. :-)

ron ron
because they sound real.
Sane girls don't exist, and it is an oxymoron :-)

gwyneth gwyneth
no. you are all wrong. except gRegor. i AM real.

waitangi day is 6 feb. it commemorates the signing of the treaty between the maori and the pakeha (indigenous ppl of nz (well, sorta indigenous) and the white europeans). (moh-dhee) and (pah-kee-hah). the british first started settling way up north in nz...(if you look at a map, waitangi is just north of PAIHIA). there were some imperialist type british settlers-agents of the crown, and some missionaries. other white ppl were using their more advanced weaponry on the maori, and the northern tribes went to the crown for protection. they believed that if the submitted to the crown's rule and were named as full fledged citizens w/ all rights and privileges, they would be protected/looked after. some of the southern tribes (from more around Rotorua) didn't believe this was necessary and chose not to sign. other tribal leaders were against taking this course of action, as well, but the missionaries stepped in and "reasoned" with them.
the treaty has not always been upheld, but there is a lot being done to rectify and make restitution for those wrongs now.
all this was just off the top of my head. if you have specific questions, feel free to leave a comment on my xanga site (ok, for those of you who think gRegor fabricated me...he is the most thorough person i know, to create a xanga site a few years ago and maintain it just for such an occasion...) and i'll respond.
oh yes, gRegor...sorry this has taken me so long. my last few days have been unbelievable.

... ...
so gRegor from which store did you steal the picture for this “gwynn” charachter you designed? I agree with your last comment...whoops! I mean “gwynn's” you did go to alot of trouble in making her up...however, the xanga site was a nice touch for verification. I am still not convinced.

I have nothing to prove to you Catholic types.

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