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So I realized today that it's Friday the 13th, which is an interesting day to have right before that holiday which shall not be named.


FIF will always rule. I've been listening to Electric Boogaloo lately and really love "Spartan".

I am
  close my heart so tight
 save me
  from myself tonight..

   and all of our slogans
   designed to take away the pain
   meant nothing
   to the son of god
   that night in

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BurnDark BurnDark
Has Kathy told you about Nemesis Day? I think you would like it.

gee_wyn gee_wyn
it makes me sad to think of fif not being out there...doing their thing...anymore.
thanks for the reminder of my deepseated and abiding affection for them.

... ...
yeah, suck

Brandy Brandy
Spartan - favorite song on that cd.
SUP? - pffft. I"m having enough issues trying to get on CO SWAT.

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