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For those who are in the area, Acquire the Fire's Stand UP! event is going to be in the Indy at the RCA Dome on April 2 - 3. It's a huge youth conference and they always need lots of volunteers. So I'm inviting you to volunteer. There are many areas to volunteer for, like ushers, merchandise, security, transportation, etc. So far Sheryl and I are volunteering. It is a fun experience and helps impact thousdands of youth's lives; I'd highly recommend it. They need something like 600 more volunteers at the moment. Every one counts. You can fill out the volunteer application at the site linked above if you want to help out.

Speaking of volunteer opportunities, that little music gathering in the summer - Cornerstone - is coming up, too. If you volunteer for four hours each day of the fest, you get in for half price. Not a bad deal at all, plus it's fun and you get to meet new people. Volunteer for eight hours each day and you get in for everyone's favorite four-letter F word - free.

++ 30 more days.

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Yeah, I know. :-D

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i wanna hit up cornerstone this summer.. :D

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