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Guess I really pissed people off with that last one, or certainly ruffled some feathers.

I think I'll refrain from posting political things on this part of my site. I'm working on a new project/part of the site that will be geared more towards that.. and if people choose to go there/participate, cool.

If you haven't yet, please read my latest comments on the previous post, as I've responded to some comments and hopefully clarified some things. It seems some conclusions were jumped to that just aren't accurate.

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BurnDark BurnDark
Posting political things isn't bad. You just have to be careful how you say things. You won't win supporters by pissing them off.

shaunanana shaunanana
i think it's your site..
and you should post what you want .

did i ever tell you that i dig the stripey background ??

yeahh. i do. :D

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