gRegorLove little g big R


gwyneth the stressed out one gwyneth the stressed out one
rat race. mr bean. brilliant movie.

shauna shauna
' i'm winning, i'm winning ! '
only from RAT RACE .
the FUNNIEST movie freaking ever.
oh yes, oh yessss.
' hello. my name is enriqo pollini.. now. i know what you're thinking.. enriqo is a girls name ! '
' no.. i wasn't thinking that .. '
' no pun intended . '
' what pun is that ?! '
cracks me up.. EVERY TIME .

Sheryl Sheryl
I knew where the quote was from too, Gwyn just beat me to the punch. Anyway... Yay! Spring Break! :-D

BenDavid BenDavid
gregor, why dont you every email me back . :(

ali ali
no idea on the subject line. have fun with the break :)

heh heh, I knew gwyn would get that one.
1 point to her for getting it first.
Half a point to shauna for quoting other funny lines from it.
.25 points to Sheryl.
No points to n@te because I DO EMAIL HIM BACK (grr)
No points to ali, even though the answer was in front of him 3 times here. haha :D

brandy brandy
yeah... no norma jean... jerkfaces.

gwyneth gwyneth
i got it first b/cos i live on's sad, i know.

natums_angel natums_angel
Hey...we should pull a group together and go to the FL one or the NC one. Ya...I'm not going to Cornerstone either..I also don't know if I will go to the others...but maybe since they aren't as expensive.

elizabeth elizabeth
that song is old skool, man.

heidi puts the -ho- in -HOLLA- !..uhyeah heidi puts the -ho- in -HOLLA- !..uhyeah
yeah, so rat race wasn't that funny.
i don't get why everyone is like “ THAT MOVIE IS SO AWESOME !!! ”
'cause it really isn't .
at all .

- h e i d i -

shauna shauna
ohJEEZE heidi.
that movie IS so freaking awesome.
i'm gonna make you watch it till you like it .
i mean. really .
' man. they're gonna be pissed. '
' that's okay. their nazis. they're always pissed. it's like it's their job. '
muahahahhahahahahaha. sooo great. :D
i should get another half a point for commenting TWICE on the same entry.
and for quoting more funniness.
even though heidi doesn't think it's funny.

the spheric1 the spheric1
Oh I just saw it, and I think it's pretty funny. Not like the best ever but fun. I think my favorite part is the psycho chick flying the helicopter. I don't know why I found that so funny but I did.

brandy brandy
so brandy is a cool kid, and norma jean IS allowed on campus.
... and I'm thinking you'll be getting the humility prayer.
When you go to stand up... look out for David Bear. Hes going for SWAT, coolest kid ever... Hes my brother. Be nice to him..
have a wonderful day.

gwyneth gwyneth
the funniest part is the hooker...and then realising they're betting. and the maids...and realising they're betting...and the airplane. probably the airplane. haha.

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