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Pipelines to Jesus

I picked up a copy of Nuvo today, a local independent paper here in Indy. In the Public Interest section there was a brief article titled “Less Beatings, More Beatitudes.” Go ahead and read it, then come back and read my letter to the editor that I just wrote.


Pipelines to Jesus?

In “Less Beatings, More Beatitudes” (March 3) Fran Quigley criticizes Mel Gibson's supposed “pipeline to Jesus”. Interestingly enough, Mr. Quigley has to presume his own sort of “pipeline to Jesus” to make the statements that he did. The message was that if Jesus were around today, he wouldn't be involved in such undertakings, but rather would have helped the poor, mentally ill, and diseased people of the world.

These, of course, are accurate things to suggest, however the “pipeline” comes in when it is implied that followers of Jesus, since they went out in droves to see this film, are not doing these things. It is easy to suggest that the money grossed by this film could have been put towards “better things”, but the truth of the matter is we don't know how people spend their time or money. Maybe they shelled out their $9 to see this film, but what if they're actively involved at the local homeless shelter, sponsoring children overseas, or otherwise donating money to causes impacting the needy of the world? Why is it only this movie that gets such criticism and not every other movie too? While we're at it, shouldn't we criticize all other expenditures, such as how much they spend on fast food?

It's particularly easy to point at Mel Gibson, since he's one with a lot of money, and criticize his spending of it, or the fact that his film is widely successful and will make him more money. I would posit that Jesus would not want us to be so concerned with (or critical of) what is in each others pocketbooks and rather do what we can within our own means.

The message of the film seems to be mostly lost on Mr. Quigley. It isn?t about people “being sneaky” and killing someone. It is about the ultimate display of loving our neighbors ? laying down one?s own life.


Your thoughts?

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gwyneth gwyneth
i wrote a letter to the guy who reviewed it for the nz herald as well.
i wish i could get into some theology w/ these ppl...esp when they try and throw scripture in our faces
do they REALLY wanna discuss it, b/cos oh boy...i'll DISCUSS.
it's so deep and rich, the redemptive analogy from the jewish culture...
a sinless sacrifice is needed...therefore it HAD to be Jesus...
i'm done now.
i know you believe all this stuff. :-D

nuWanda nuWanda
i made a mistake. my real name is:

ron ron
is that from “Dead Poet's Society”?

ron ron
Yeah, I'm getting really tired of these pseudo-intellectuals pointing fingers, and showering everyone with their dung.
If you're going to disagree that's fine, but do so with some information and the intelligence to use it.
I'm with you “nuwanda” i'm willing to discuss the theology with these people, and point out their error.
Mel Gibson was right when he told Diane Sawyer “They don't have a problem with me, they have a problem with the four gospels.”
I have only met one or two people in my life who honestly don't want anything to do with jesus. the rest are the ones whose mommies didn't hug them enough when they were children, but they hide behind philosophical arguments rather than be honest with themselves.

middleageguy middleageguy
Excellent points.

lauraann618 lauraann618
Hey.. You came to my site..I come to yours.=). I definitely agree with you on the subject. I hate how people critiscize Mel Gibson so much .Why criticize someone who is spreading God's word? It's like when there was a man healing people of sickness in the bible, and the disciples went to Jesus and were like “This man is driving out demons in your name, what will you do?” and Jesus was like he's doing good, what are you doing? I know my wording isn't straight from the bible..but you know what I mean. These people should look at themselves, what are they doing but writing stupid magazine articles? Trying to make themselves feel better? Anyways, now that I've babbled on..Good letter.

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