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3:05PM Go.

I have a whopping 7.6 hours of work for this pay period. I forgot we're closed Friday and Saturday for the holiday, so I won't be getting any more hours unfortunately. That will be a fun paycheck. :-]

I'm tired of people mistakenly calling me a “liberal” just because I don't agree with everything the Bush administration does, or that I dare to ask questions. I'm a libertarian, which means I'm liberal on some issues, and conservative on other issues. But I don't fit within either part of the overly simplistic dichotomy of “(neo)conservatives” or “liberals”. I stirred up some discussion over at And since I don't toe the party line, well I'm clearly a liberal. *roll eyes*

I've also been in discussion via comments with Benjamin regarding modern worship songs lyrical content. Sometimes I agree, but most times I don't.. like this time he's using “In the Secret” as his example.

Hmm, well crap. The plan was for next Friday (16th) was to go to Chicago to meet the HBS (SHB? BHS? BSH? whatevah) squad and go to the Pedro the Lion/Death Cab For Cutie show. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go though, depending on $$$. I just checked and the show is sold out.. I guess that's one less expense, though. I'm still interested in going, to meet the squad. The plan was to go with Kathy.. hmm I wonder if that's a good idea.. me and four ladies? I may not come back alive. haha ;-]

Only a few more weeks of class this semester.. wow. I should register for fall semester pretty soon, then.

I think that's about all the random thoughts I have for now.
3:22PM Stop.

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Sheryl Sheryl
I understand the no work/no $$$ thing. I missed work yesterday because I was sick, only to find out no one will be coming in tomorrow, so I'm off then too. :-P If I'd known that, I probably would've sucked it up and went in yesterday, sick or not.

gwyneth gwyneth
i'm sorry you're poor for this week.
i want to have more to say, but...i just don't.

bdawg bdawg
hmmm? ministry team possibly? you should! cool kids made it.

ron ron
umm...yeah. If you're a liberal gRegor then I am a total pinko.

ron ron
umm...yeah. If you're a liberal gRegor then I am a total pinko.

ron ron
damn. that wasn't supposed to do that

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