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Gr8 Weekend

I just had a great weekend. The Stand UP youth conference was here in Indy, and I volunteered. It is really amazing to see the ministry that has changed my life so much impacting other young people in the same way; and to be able to help out in whatever fashion is quite a blessing.

The event brought back good memories, while reminding me how much I love youth and youth ministry. I had not thought about it much lately, but I was reminded how I wanted to join the ATF ministry team before. I applied and was waitlisted for it the year after my internship, but a spot never opened. It is still a possibility, just not one I had seriously been considering lately. We'll see.. my options are broad after I graduate in December.

I knew my friend Casey would be there, and we got together earlier in the week. I was pleasantly surprised to run into one of my best friends, Josh Oberheide, at the event on Friday night. He is on staff at TM, but I had no idea he was going to be there. We got together for breakfast this morning and had some time to catch up. It was a good time, and we determined that Denny's breakfast is not as good as IHOP (which unfortunately is still closed for renovation!)

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Kathy Kathy
That's awesome... I'm glad you had a good weekend! I missed you and Sheryl at church tonight b/c I brought you a surprise... an Orange! Mocha! Frapaccino! And I ended up drinking most of it. Now Andy wants me to get him another one 'cause he liked it so much. Soooo.... I guess there is something to it. Even I'm starting to like it.

cora_lynn cora_lynn
agreed. (re: IHOP > Denny's)

the spheric1 the spheric1
I believe the IHOP is finally open again. There appeared to be people in there eating when I past by the other day.

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