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It's only a flesh wound!

Well last night was... something. They stress safety at FedEx a lot. This hadn't been a problem for me until last night when I made a kind of stupid mistake. We were unloading one of the canisters (they're about 12 feet square) and were almost done with it. Since it's a good distance from the back of the canister to the conveyor belt, it's not uncommon to toss boxes to someone closer. So I was catching boxes for this guy and dropped one, so my natural instinct was to bend down to get it. The guy threw another box and it hit me on the head. Then my head felt wet and I saw blood pouring down.

I was kind of in a state of shock. I have never had a head wound before, but since there are a lot of blood vessels up there, even the smallest cut can bleed a lot. My team leader and manager rushed to help me, of course, and got pressure and ice on it to stop the bleeding. I started praying for peace, because all these scenarios were going through my mind. I don't know what's a “lot” of blood, but this sure was more than I'd ever seen. Plus one of the first things I thought was “holy crap, I don't even have insurance.” I hadn't thought about worker's comp, which did take care of it. I've never had to use it, so I just didn't think of that. Thankfully I didn't pass out, and I was fully conscious of where I was and everything like that. God did give me peace as I could have easily freaked out, but didn't. So we walked over to security, where they rode us over to St. Vincent's Occupational Health.

After filling in the paperwork the doctor came in and took a look at it. He was... interesting. A bit different manner than one might expect from a doctor. He asked how it happened of course, and I told him. He said something like, “I didn't think they threw boxes, I thought they were pretty strict about that at FedEx.” I'm thinking “Gee, thanks. Trying to make me feel bad?” I already felt pretty stupid, honestly, since I should have just told the guy to hold on while I got the other box. Truth be told, throwing boxes to each other is not uncommon or against the rules. It's throwing boxes onto the belt with a lot of “air” that is a no-no.

So then I ask the doctor if he's going to use staples or stitches. I've never had staples, just stitches one time. Honestly stitches sound better than staples. Heh heh. He tells me staples are pretty easy and probably quicker. Then he opens a drawer or two... then a couple cabinets. Finally he's looked in every drawer and cabinet in the room, and tells me he can't find the stapler. That's reassuring! He goes to check with the nurse, but apparently she's in the darkroom. So instead of waiting on her, he comes back and decides to do stitches instead. “Fine, whatever, let's just get this done.”, I think.

Now the cut is towards the back of my head, so thankfully I didn't have to see needles or anything else. He gets all prepared and starts giving me the anashthetic shots. After like the second one I comment “I'm glad this is at a place where I can't see what you're doing, I hate needles.” He tells me assuringly, “It's a real small needle, the smallest one I could find. See?”, as he then holds it in front of my face. Thanks, Mister. It was small, but I still hate seeing them, especially when there's a bit of my own blood on it.

Otherwise it was pretty uneventful. I only got 4 stitches. He had me do all the coordination tests to make sure I was OK, and thankfully I was. The only other “fun” surprise was that after I head out into the waiting room, ready to leave, the nurse tells me, “We've arranged for a tetanus shot since you're right on the edge.” (The last time I had one was in '95; they're good for 10 years) I thought maybe she meant in a couple days when I go back, but no, she meant right then. So I head back in and she gives me the shot. It was one of the best shots I've ever received, actually, barely hurt at all. Which was good, because I'd had about enough pain for the evening.

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shaunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shaunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jeeze, gregor .
maybe all of that giggle chain yanking threw off your coordination.
or.. something.


Sheryl Sheryl
Wow. I'm just glad you're ok.

gwyneth gwyneth
grrrrrrrr. i asked 3 questions. and the last one was a REALLY good one. and now i've forgotten it. rah.

ali ali
woah crazy. you ever see massive headwound harry on the oldish snl? where the dog is licking his headwound? that was you. ;)

april april
Hey, now you have a good excuse for why you are the way you are...

Kathy Kathy
I'm glad you're okay and I feel bad for you I honestly do... but while reading this post I also began to feel a bit (okay a lot) queasy... And it actually reminded me of a “sympathy” story. One time the dog bit me and it was just a little cut on my thumb but when I went to the sink to rinse it off there was a lot of blood... watching my own blood swirl down the drain I started to get nauseus and black out. So I stumbled across the kitchen, wrapped my hand in a paper towel, and lay down on the floor trying to get my bearings again. As I'm lying there my sister comes in and kicks me in the leg (gently) and says, “Hey, what's wrong with you?” I muttered something to the effect of, “Bleeding... dog bit me...” (Sidenote: Meanwhile the dog is running around happy as can be without his harness half on which I was trying to remove so I could give him a bath. No bath for the little monster. In fact, to this day I refuse to give that dog a bath.) Sooo... anywho, my mom comes in and says to my sister, “What's she doing?” My sister replies in a tone of voice that betrayed her lack of concern, “She's bleeding, the dog bit her.” My mom turns to me and says, “Just don't get blood on the new carpet.” My mom's a frickin nurse btw!! One time my dad was fixing the riding lawn mower and it fell over on him and cut his knee up pretty badly... My mom claimed she stopped the bleeding before she took a shower, but the way my dad tells it she left him in the utility room bleeding to death while she took a shower because she didn't wanna go to the hospital, where she also worked at the time, with dirty hair. Not that any of us have ever blead to death... I'm just saying there are several bright spots in your experience. It could have been worse. And I'm very glad you're okay. :-)

Sheryl Sheryl
Holy crap, Kathy. Your comment is almost as long as his post.

ron ron
I'll do you for that!
You'll what?
I'm invincible!
You're a loony.
I just saw that again last night.
btw since you rose again from your head wound does that mean you're the anti-christ?
I had my suspicions, but then blew it off...a polish anti-christ? The world is still getting used to a polish pope. ha ha

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