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[Updated and Completed]

This idea is stolen, from gwyN from ages ago. I've been meaning to do this for a while. I started a couple months ago on a night when I couldn't sleep and tonight I also couldn't sleep, so I worked away at it some more. Here is a bit of information about everyone on my xanga subscriptions list. There's no particular hierarchy, I just took the list ordered by most recent post, in ascending order.

gRegorsMom - Me mum! She's great for raising me of course, among many other reasons. She's got a funny sense of humor and has always been very supportive of me in things I want to do. Aww. <3 I signed her up for this account hoping she might start posting like Jeeves' mom, but it never caught on. She's too busy, usually. :-/

BrightEyes - Lindsay has been a great friend of mine for many years. We met via “Maniacs On-Line”, an email list for Teen Mania missions alumni. We became close friends, and she's really like the sister I never had. She is The Orneriest Girl Alive (TOGA).

MrLamp - Zachariah Durr, despite his profile picture, does not look like Christopher Walken. He is as cool as him, though - probably cooler. I met him while I was an intern at Teen Mania, and he was coming in that summer. He was one of the cool alterna-terns and we hit it off well due to good music tastes, the ability to think, and good senses of humor.

Gameface - I have never met gameface in person, but he gives out good advice; he hasn't for a while unfortunately. I think Jeeves might know him.

birdwalking - I haven't met Bryan in person; he's a friend of Cora's and therefore must be a pretty cool guy. He's into film & movies, as I recall, as well as overseas missions.

Flippdog - Andy's been a friend of mine for several years now. He's a good guy, wants to be a rockstar. His band sucks, but their website looks mighty nice. :-]

bbthe1 - Another person I haven't met. She's another TM alumni from a couple years after I was there, and we have a couple mutual friends. From what I've read, she's funny, sarcastic, and has a good head on her shoulders. She's a looker, too. ;-]

MarisaLeigh1121 - She's a long-time friend of Lindsay, and I've met her a couple times. She's pretty cool, and funny. Before we ever met in person, Lindsay directed her to my wife application. She applied, and then began speaking of our marriage as an unavoidable fact. Yes, and you thought you were the first “I will have you!”, Kathy. You weren't. :] She has said cool things to me like, “I don't like guys. They're pretty much dumb. You can be an exception.” She resigned herself to marrying someone else, coming up in November as I recall.

chickenman - I met and roomed with Patrick when I volunteered in the summer of '99 at Teen Mania. He's into acting and plans to be in movies and impact Hollywood for Jesus. Not in the cheesy-let's-make-Left-Behind-into-a-movie way, but an actual effective way. He's in California currently working towards these ends.

Curly - January was an intern with me at Teen Mania, though I didn't get to know her very well then. She then went to U of I right here in town and I was a slacker and never called her. I'm a bad friend. :-/

thorkendal - Paul has hobbit feet and is now too cool to post on xanga. I met him through, and it ended up that he goes to the same church I had started going to at the time. Hah, small world. “Hey, what's that on your shirt?”

silvasword - Another person I don't know in real life, or even online really. I found him/her randomly on the TM alumni webring, so all I know is they went to TM at some point. I subscribed because I really liked the writing, however the mystery person don't post much anymore.

imakepurses - Sarah Walker, one of the coolest chicks ever. I met her years ago at a local coffeehouse where we were starting up a youth-oriented music night. She's a really good artist, especially with things like typography. She likes to zoom, zoom, zoom, and a boom boom... but sorry guys, she's married.

Bel Curve - Never got to know Phil that well, though we have met on several occassions. He's got a good sense of humor and a heart for missions overseas. Also a thinking Christian, which is always nice.

XTTHC - The Time Has Come, uh, with an X in front of it. I met Nate also through Cora, when he wanted help setting up a music/faith/community type website. He's got a lot of great inspiration and vision, much of which is similar to mine, so it's cool to work with each other and bounce ideas off each other.

PatriciaClark - I met Patricia the same way as Zachariah, at Teen Mania as she was coming in over the summer. It has been years since I've seen her or really talked to her, but she was a pretty cool kid with a good personality. She's also a friend of Jeeves and was a part of one of his band projects for a while, as I recall.

laurenperry - Don't know much about Lauren other than she is TM alumnni and a friend of Jeeves. And we all know that any friend of Jeeves has to be cool. Take me for example - I'm a friend of Jeeves, and we all know that I'm cool. Theorem proved. haha. I'm noticing a trend... 6 degrees of Jeeves?

Piet - Piet cracks me up. He's a friend of Cora's, and I met him at the alumni reunion in 2002. He was there when we had our infamous adventure getting to meet middleageguy.

shadowkatt - Cathy was one of the first people I ever chatted with online, so I've known her going on about 10 years now. She's a fruit loop, but pretty cool nonetheless.

charis - Eleisha went to Russia with me back in '96, and I lost touch with her for several years until I found out she was an intern at TM, and then was at ORU. I think she might still be there. Sheesh, doing this list has made me realize how bad I am with keeping in touch with some of my friends.

myINDEPENDENTeducation - Kathy is loopy. I met her through Sheryl, who met her at CPC while volunteering. She's a very happy person who likes to give/get hugs and makes some pretty darn good chocolate cake. She's opinionated, but then again, she is a girl.

Lagushka2 - Amanda was another one on my Russia trip in '96. I hadn't seen or heard from her since then, until several months ago she found my site and left a comment. It's nice getting back in touch with people you didn't really expect to.

sassy_seren - Sewen is one of Shewaul's long-time friends, so that's how I got to know her. She is a safe driver, just with some bad luck or something. :] She has a cute little dustmop of a dog named Bailey.

gRegorlovers - My first fan club. Uhh...

TheTimeHasCome - See XTTHC above.

mach0nach0 - Shain is a member of the Eisley forum. He's been around since the beginning, so we've chatted several times. He's in the military getting trained to deactivate landmines (or something along those lines), which I think is pretty cool.

chinamarker - John Lee. The one. The only. This man has a great sense of humor, loves Jesus, and seeks to reach the unreached of the world. He tells good stories and sends cool newsletters from China where he lives with his wife.

KendalNicole - I met Kendal at Cornerstone last summer. She was part of our camp, “Camp Dude!” Dude, it was like, the rockingest campsite there. Totally.

Randomized - The name says it, doesn't it? Just someone I found that posts bi-whenever 'zine type posts with a variety of things, usually funny.

straight_razor - Ron Juan. Lover of God. Sarcastic. Menacing. Catholic. That's right, watch out Protestants. ;]

Ok, I have many more to go, but I will have to finish them at a later time.


And here is the rest:

middleageguy - This guy is one of the funniest writers I have found on Xanga. He writes about his everyday life, but in a fashion that reminds me of Dave Barry. Good clean fun. I got to meet him a couple years back - how cool is that?

daniel_LS - Daniel Ellis, another one I met through Cora. He's crazy, but in a Texan-ha-ha way. He makes funny videos and is almost always writing stories on his xanga about his “freaking amazing” days, and he seems to have a lot of them. His website appears to be down, otherwise I'd direct you to some of his videos.

indykitty - See myINDEPENDENTeducation

Burndark - Ian 1.0 I met through Kathy. He's a fellow geek, so there's almost always something to talk about with him. You should check out his post about 'Top US Terrorist Vacation Spots for Spring 2004'. It's twistedly funny.

truthlover - Another random TM alumni who has posted some thought provoking stuff that I've enjoyed reading. That's all I can say as I don't really know him at all.

natums_angel - Emily is Nate's girlfriend. I don't know her super well, but she was also with us at “Camp Dude!” last summer at Cornerstone, so we had fun hanging out watching Joy E and lots of other bands. Unfortunately I don't think either Nate or Emily are coming to Cornerstone this year. :[

cafelatte - Another random TM alumni I don't know but enjoy reading.

Black_Wolf - Casey Fox is in the same boat as Zechariah Durr and Patricia Clark. He's quite a friendly and outgoing guy, a lot of fun to spend time with. He saved my butt by giving me a ride to the airport (2 hours) last time I went down to TM for alumni weekend, since their bloody shuttle left too late for my flight.

EnfeebledSilly - Yet another member of “Camp Dude!” She's in Wisconsin, where the state motto is “eat cheese or die!” - or at least I think it should be.

sunnygirl - I met Dawn one or two times, and briefly at that, so I don't really know her. Another Cora introduction. But hey, she finally left a comment on my weblog a bit ago after she complained about not getting comments and I pointed out she never comments on mine. :] Hooray for run-on sentences!

nothingtoeat - Kris helps moderate on the Eisley forum. Or at least she did before she went off and had a kid. How selfish. Psh. jk.

wookienugget - Karla Kriz is a legend in her own right. She went to El Salvador with me in '95 - though I didn't really get to know her until I met her again during our internship. She has a menacing snarl, odd sense of humor, and makes really fun t-shirts like “it was stapled to the chicken.” She also was nice enough to get a picture for me of Reese Roper (Five Iron Frenzy) holding up a napkin that said “hi Peter and gRegor.” Woo!

Welshmnky - I always forget when it was that I first met Kyle, because I saw him several times of the span of like a year, at a Newsboys concert, the Muncie ATF, and at TM later when he interned there. Anyway, we met.. sometime.. and got along pretty well. He's a funny guy who talkes about girls a lot, and pisses them off on his weblog. Well, some of them.

edthechic - ED is a member of, that's how I know her. Haven't met in person, just chatted on and off. She's a really good artist, you should check out some of her drawings and stuff. She also has really cool-looking hair.

Schwartzkopf - I met Mark at a local concert. He was running sound for a friend's band and between sets he was playing (Moss) Eisley. Andy recognized it and introduced us, since he knew I was trying to book a show with them here, and Mark wanted to help out. The show never happened, unfortunately, but hey I made a new friend. He is absolutely wrong that the larger X-box controller is the best game controller ever, though.

heidi_theory - I guess I'm still cool with the high school crowd, since Heidi chats with me fairly regularly. She's pretty cool, for an emo girl. Just kidding. She's really cool, has a good sense of humor and is pretty sarcastic. Watch out for her photography and Photoshop madd skillz.

the_spheric1 - I've “sort of” known Doug for several years. That is, at first we met through local concerts and such, didn't really know each other well. Over the past couple years though we've become friends as we go to the same church now and have hung out more. He's pretty goofy at times (so am I) and has good taste in music.

Babsy_22 - Babsy crochets stuff and has fun adventures with Heidi, since they're best friends.

eohpunx - I found this guy because he went around and left like a million comments on people's xangas as I recall. I don't know him at all, but he's a fellow geek and posts some cool ASCII art sometimes.

hitchcockhill - I don't know Eric either, but found him because of a comment he left on someone's site. He's also TM alumni and into movies and France.

BenjaminAntiXanga - I think I found Benjamin through a link from Mark Schwartzkopf. He posts a lot about serious matters regarding Christians. I don't always agree with him, but he makes me think, for sure.

cora_lynn - The infamous Cora, who knows so many people it's freaky. :-] She worked with Josh Oberheide (one of my best friends) at TM for a while, and I think Josh showed her my website, we chatted on and off, and then I finally met her at Cornerstone.. uh.. 2002? Yeah, that sounds right. She's a good friend and really sweet. She was the one that first directed me to (Moss) Eisley and got me hooked. Also, as you can see, she's the connection between me and several other people. Oh, and if she wasn't cool enough already, she's also a geek.

Awbucher - I went to high school with Andrew Bucher, known to many as just “Bucher” (pronounced: Book-er). We had many a fun time at our strict, conservative (Baptist) Christian high school, where dancing and music with a beat was of the devil. He was one of the co-authors of the Male Constitution we wrote way back then. (Not?) Surprisingly, a lot of it is still valid.

shroomgirl - Sheryl is a stalker. Years ago, on ICQ, she did a search for Christians in the area, found me and my website, and we started chatting. After a while I invited her to a FIF / Ws concert since she really liked The Ws. I was there, and in a conspicuous place since I was selling my 'Abercrombie' shirts. She came, and saw me apparently, but didn't come say hi or anything. See? Stalker. Anyway, a while later I invited her to a Bible Study. She came, and that's how she met most of my friends and became friends with them. mwah-hahaha, we assimilated another one! *Ahem* Anyway, we've been really good friends for several years now. She's really caring and funny, but don't get her riled as you might get.. THE LOOK. Oh, she's also a geek (hmm, there's another trend).

Kes - Kes - if I'm recalling correctly - was at TM during some of the time that I was. At least that's what she told me when we chatted ages ago, as I didn't really know her when I was there. Hey, it happens with 250+ interns.

starswithfeet - Just someone I found on the 'jesus is not religion' webring. She takes good photos and usually has a cool site layout.

Jora - It's Cora + Joam = Jora. Joam is Cora's best friend and husband, and this is their xanga. I don't know Joam well, though I did get to hang out with him at alumni weekend and he seemed pretty cool. Obviously he must be pretty special, since Cora married him. :-]

worshipwarrior - April was also on my trip to El Salvador in '95, and subsequently at TM during my internship. We'd kind of lost touch since then, so it was nice to find out she has a xanga site. She has a good sense of humor and is wacky sometimes, so we get along pretty well. She says that the box incident I had at FedEx gives me a reason for why I am the way I am - but I'm wondering what her excuse is. ;-]

Christina_Bird - Another member that I've chatted with a couple times. She's a veterinarian, which means she doesn't eat meat.

Sotaku - Brandon walked up to me in a computer lab at school a couple months ago and says “Excuse me, are you gRegor?” I didn't recognize him, but I say “Yeah..” Then he explains that although “this might sound a little weird..”, he'd seen my website and was friends with Nate Johnson and some other people that I know through TM. It was kind of funny. Then I remembered that he and I had actually emailed back and forth a couple times over a year ago, since we found we both were TM alumni that went to IUPUI. Anyway, Brandon is a pretty cool guy from what I know of him, and we've hung out a few times now. I almost went to KC with them to see a Waterdeep show, but finances didn't permit. He was nice enough to get me a CD, though.

Jeeves - Jeeves 3000. Jeeves is the link between you and every other person on the planet. Heh heh. I met Jeeves at Creation East '98, where I was representing TM. He came over and introduced himself since he was planning on coming to the internship that fall. I think he said I was the first intern he had really met, so I had the pleasure of giving him a really warped perspective about TM (just kidding). We hit it off pretty well right away and have been friends ever since. He has great taste in music, movies, and humor. “Watch out for snakes!” Everyone should meet and hang out with Jeeves. Well, not like all at once. That would be overwhelming. Take a number.

shaubagel - S-lo is a friend of Heidi and Babsy, and likes to make up new nicknames everytime I chat with her. Because of this, I might need to make a list of unnacceptable nicknames. :-]

trinisity - See chickenman.

rock_that_kazoo - Yet another member of “Camp Dude!” last summer. Caleb is a cool cat, hopefully he'll be there this year too.

gwyneth - I think I met Gwyn at the Chicago ATF years back, introduced by Stan Wolford who was working at TM at the time. We've mainly chatted over the years, but I did make a couple trips up to Mishawaka to visit her and other friends going to Bethel. She's quite funny and shares my pain with stupid customer service stories. She's quite the world traveller as she's in En Zed right now, then moving to California. She makes good quesadillas and is quite creative and crafty (making quilts, pajamas, and other crafty stuff.. not crafty as in 'devious' - at least, I don't think? HMM)

punkrockchick48 - Another member that I subscribed to years ago, then she stopped writing there, then she started again. Don't call her posts emo or glam rock, though.

sconeGrl - During alumni weekend 2002, when Cora was showing me around and introducing me to people, she ran into Sue in the hallway. She said “Sue, this is gRegor”, and Sue reacted, “gRegor? Like THE gRegor?! GREGORLOVE?!?” Seriously. I had never met or talked with her before. Behold the power of the Internet. She has a stylish looking xanga and posts good stuff. For being such a fan, though, she has never once commented on my site. Oh, and lest I forget, she's also a geek.

Rightonthefloor - I don't remember how I found Brandy, but I found her somehow. She's at TM right now, persevering.

beeBRADrad - I met Brad at alumni weekend 2002 as well, probably through Cora. :-] He has good taste in music and movies, and is a cohort of Daniel Ellis. He also has a cat named “emo” - how cool is that?

fallenprincess - See indykitty.

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cora_lynn cora_lynn
well, since I haven't gotten my own mention yet... I am pretty honored to have been the connection between you and quite a few people. (: that's what life's all about, right? loving people and connecting people to other loving people.

Brandon but also Sotaku Brandon but also Sotaku
Holy crap that's a formidable but wonderful thing to do... I may bite it some time and do it myself... With proper credits of course...

It is freaky just how many people know you Cora... Seriously... wow.

elizabeth aka bbthe1 elizabeth aka bbthe1
*blushes* thanks man!

BurnDark BurnDark
Dude! I so deserve to be at least v1.3!

I have some more humor ideas too that I need to write. You'll love Jesus the Credit Card.

j3k j3k
Heh heh. Aww shucks. Glad I can help bring quality people together.

Later yo! &#8212; j3k

you know who you know who
Rock on... I got the longest entry. :-) Thanks, gRegor... and wow, you think I'm funny. Cool.

ron ron
yes, but mine is the best.

Kathy Kathy
You can only say so much about each of the people on your list with such a short amount of space. It's an admirable thing to attempt. It was so interesting to see what you consider to be signifigant about each of us.

gwyneth gwyneth
i got mentioned 2x's...and one of them was the INSPIRATION/INTRODUCTION. ha. i win! (think the little kid in “big daddy”) so, um...yeah, gRegor: you have good taste in music and movies. there. that's a random little reverse description for you. see that--how i turned the tables. why am i home now?? augh!

Sotaku Sotaku
Haha, I made the list! nice... Yeah I still have that CD for you in my glove compartment been meaning to drop by Sunday night at CG. Still feeling bad about the KC road trip not working out (or not finding some way to work it out). Anyway, I'll get that CD to you dang it!

Oh and btw, as for shoomgirl's desc. up there, I think I was at that W's/FIF show. Was that the one where the trump player was puking during the show, and Justin McRoberts opened complete with “la vita loca”?

The reason I ask esp, is I remember some guy selling the abercrombie shirts. =P

Freak'n Indy scene, makes me feel like a stalker...

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