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Goodbye Weekend, Hello Mister Electricity

I had a rather fun weekend. I didn't do a whole lot, just enough to enjoy myself and not be too hectic or anything. Saturday night I went to a local music + arts festival and caught the last couple bands. One in particular I definitely wanted to see and was glad I did: The Detholz!. I saw them briefly at Cornerstone last year but wasn't able to stay for the full show. Anyway, they're very energetic live and play fun music. They covered “Celebrate Good Times” to start off and have fun songs like “Mister Electricity”. “Thank you, we're The Detholz and this show is brought to you by electricity!”, they said. Heh heh. Check 'em out.

I had forgotten until last Thursday, but I have jury duty this week. I was actually looking forward to it, so I didn't mind. I got up early and was there at 8AM today, which is when the waiting begins. Basically there were about 150 people summoned, and they needed 6 juries. So they called groups of 30 - 40 people at a time and the attorneys acquaint them with the trial and ask them questions to see who is best suited for the trial, or rather who isn't suited for whatever reason.

I don't really know specifics, honestly, because I was one of the 40 or so that never got called. But we still had to wait around till noon because they can't dismiss us until all the juries are set. In theory I guess they could dismiss enough people from those groups they called that they would need to pull some of us in and see if we were suitable. I'm glad I brought my book, and I finally finished it, too. (How to Win Friends and Influence People). Anyway, no jury duty for me this week.

One funny thing about the jury waiting: we were all in the public assembly room, and up front there were several rows of desks with microphones at each seat. The room was pretty packed, so we had people sitting there as well as in the audience. I guess one of the mics was on, and as the hours dragged on people were falling asleep, and this one guy who snored rather loud just happened to be in front of one of the mics, and the whole room could hear him. That was rather entertaining. :-]

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shaunaaaaaaa shaunaaaaaaa
this entry definitely tastes like mandrin oranges.
go gregor the juror.
or.. not juror.

can you still be a juror with 6 fingers ?

you know who you know who
i have one for you ha ha

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