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I found a link to this site that supposedly finds who your celebrity look-alike is using patern-recognition software. My results were pretty funny. Who is your celebrity look-alike?

History was made the other day. The first manned private space flight. Granted, it wasn't like a trip to the moon or anything, but they did break out of the Earth's atmosphere for about 3 minutes, and then returned and landed successfully. Read about it here. This should be a really interesting development, espeically now that there could be private sector competition in an area previously only the government was involved in. I'd be willing to bet that the private sector does it more cost efficiently, while at the same time government will try to step in and place restrictions. Government hates competition. :-]

I was reading over some stuff regarding Michael Moore and his new movie just now and on one of the anti-Moore sites stumbled upon an ad for another site that absolutely disgusted me - Immediately it seemed quite anti-Islamic. Perhaps the ad to buy their bumper sticker “Piss on Islam” tipped me off. Perhaps, later, it was the “prayer” posted at the end of one of their blog entries:

I pray to the father that these sub humans be killed,blown apart,and dismembered; so that they know what it is like to be treated like chattel and that there is nothing they can do about it. We will be victorious because we fight for the true god YHWH and his son Jesus-- And we through the Lord will have our REVENGE--DEATH TO ISLAM IN ALL ITS FORMS__BABYLON WILL BURN FOREVER----

So here we have a supposed Christian classifying an entire people group as sub-human and praying violent deaths for them. It would be ironic if it weren't so disgusting. Disgusting, and very very saddening. Sorry to leave this post on a downer note like that, but I was left pretty speechless by that. Not that anything else would really “lighten” this post up, now.

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K Sags K Sags
This guy sounds more like a muslim than a Christian, maybe he should look into it. He seems to have the mentality. In fact I'm pretty sure i recognize most of that from Osama's address that he sent to the US.

jeevarino three hundred times ten jeevarino three hundred times ten
Man... don't you read Discover??? An elevator(using carbon nanotube cables and powered by several photovoltaic lasers) into space is the cheapest(and frickin' coolest) way to go. Build it once for a few billion bucks... instant access to space, anytime.

Well... in a few hours. Heh.

Also... Looks like someone's been taking that “sons of Ishmael” verse a little too much to heart.

the spheric1 the spheric1
That web site is funny. I got Denzel Washington, Elijah Wood and Michael Owen, a football (soccer) player from the U.K.

guns dont kill, heidi kills guns dont kill, heidi kills
i guess i need to stop hoping for peoples' violent deaths in the name of the Father, too ..

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