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Three posts in a day?!?!

gRegorThe1: it's new! IMPROVED! FRESH! (and low in carbs!!) :

thisloserwins: does it taste like dr. pepper ?

gRegorThe1: Better!!

gRegorThe1: actually, I don't know how my website tastes.

thisloserwins: :-O

gRegorThe1: I think that really depends on your monitor.

gRegorThe1: perhaps I should have a taste-testing post, and have people tell me what it tastes like.

thisloserwins: i agree.

gRegorThe1: it will happen momentarily. haha.

So there you have it. What does taste like? If I like your answer enough, I'll add it as one of my custom tag-lines of the site in the upper right-hand corner..

and let's just get this one out of the way: tastes like chicken.

I won't be using that.


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I think it tastes like Sprite. You know, with all the green lemony-limey goodness. :-D

gwyneth gwyneth
doctor thunder. y'know, the cheapy dr pepper. haha. no, just kidding.
i decided i wasn't going to lick my monitor, so i just don't know how it tastes. if i had to guess...i'd say like pistachio ice cream...but that's just based on colour.

shauna shauna
it tastes like ....






(( i had to add the o.. so you wouldn't attack me. ))

BurnDark BurnDark
It tastes like a yellow eleven

ron ron
i'd red 4

ron ron

KATHY!!!!! KATHY!!!!!
It tastes just like.... FISH!!!
nooo.... SEAWEED!!!
nooo.... I revert to my origional answer... FISH!!!
or... a well made peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!!

you know who you know who
my eyes are a deepened blue
I like my hair that color too
I'll never wear a dress
but that doesn't mean that I'll never confess

cameron cameron
tastes like pomegranate and herb soup. Now I would never recommend you eat pomegranate and herb soup, because it would most likely be disgusting, but that's what your website tastes like.

Pomegranate and Herb Soup
3 pomegranates, peeled (seeds only)
5 cups water
2 cloves garlic, pressed
sprig of basil
cayenne pepper

Boil water. Add pomegranates. Continue to simmer over medium heat until pomegranate seeds burst and turn water red and stain your pan. Add liberal amounts of all of the herbs until it tastes disgusting. Serve cold and near a toilet to catch your vomit.

Don't get me wrong, I love pomegranates.

smile on.

now it tastes kinda like orange juice... mmm.

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