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Hey folks. New month, suppose I should post.

I'm going to see POD, Blindside, Lacuna Coil, and Hazen Street play this Friday here in Indy. I was interested in going to see POD & Blindside, but wasn't planning on getting tickets since I'll see them both at Cornerstone. But I entered a contest from the IMN newsletter and won tickets, so I'm going. On top of that, I found out on Tuesday that we're off work this Friday night, so I won't have to leave the concert early or anything. Score.

Speaking of Blindside, did you know they have new merch that includes socks?? They do. That's pretty clever.

I saw the end of My Girl 2 the other day on TV. I've seen both of them before, though it's been a while. It reminded me how great the first one was. I know it's a chick flick, but there are a few good ones out there. A few. And My Girl just happens to be one of them. The second one.. eh, it's OK.

If you're into movies and are looking for yet another web diversion, you should check out the Hollywood Stock Exchange. It's like the stock market, but for movies and actors. It's free to sign up and they give you H$2,000,000 to start trading. If you sign up with me listed as your referer, I'll get some free H$, too. :-]

I think I'm going to go watch Bottle Rocket now. Or maybe Zoolander. Hmm, or maybe Muppets From Space. All good movies I haven't seen in a while.

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u.s. skin u.s. skin
i think that I would like to watch zoolander again.

shauna shauna
zoolander would be PERFECT .
could you ask for a better movie ?
the six fingered movie is where it's at .


.. shauna

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