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In just a few hours I will be heading for the eigth year to



Fun will be hand with friends, new friends, great bands, but unfortunately not



Though I'm sure as always there will be

port-a-potty peek-a-boo

(port-a-potty peek-a-boo)

am I going to have fun?



You know you want to come too (those that aren't coming, that is)

serve your country, come to cornerstone

(be patriotic, come to cornerstone)

Look for 'Camp TTHC' if you do come, and come say hello.

the time has come

(everyone should check out tthc and submit content. it's a spiffy webzine.)

Catch ya on July 5. out.

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gwyneth gwyneth
gRegor, fellow fif-lover...i didn't know i could like them more, but this cd keeps giving me that overwhelmed's riddiculous. i think that's how that word is spelled in harry potter...but i think it doesn't actually have two d's. oh well.
i hope you have fun at cornerstone. i'm thinking of going to soulfest in nh. we'll see.

Brandy Brandy
Did you hear that? It was the sound of my HEART BREAKING...

... Man. I really wanted to go this year. :(
the sad tales of an intern.

cameron cameron
You should check out American Culture Xperiment if they are playing. Very interesting show - they are some old buddies of mine from Waco


ron ron
i am alive and well as you shall see on my recent webpost...peace

shaunaaaaaaaZz shaunaaaaaaaZz
awh. eisley is so so so sosososososo good.
i wish i was going to cstoneeee.
next year, i totally am.

and we're totally gonna play port-a-potty peekaboo/gigglechain yank.


BlackWolf BlackWolf
TMM is going to be there liquidating cheap stuff they didn't sell during the year.

Say hellow to Jordon, Brandy and my favorites Christine, and Mike.


ron ron
...yeah, and I heard that there are going to be these great bands playing...somewhere else

gwyneth gwyneth
that i liked Jesus before he was “cool” shirt sounds muy funny...

gwyneth gwyneth
nah, my feet aren't hairy. just short and stubby.

natums_angel natums_angel
I've come and I have served my time.

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