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noelle noelle
do you know anything about getting a livejournal? please...

Kathy Kathy
my sister has a livejournal... hmm come to think of it I have one too... you don't have to be recommended by a member anymore so you just sign up on their website... does that help?

jee-wyn jee-wyn
gRegor...i can't believe you would post something so argument causing. i am deeply offended. you are just trying to create controversy. i'm sure Jesus wouldn't want you doing something like this. on the other hand, Jesus WOULD want us all to be totally involved in politics. i mean, i'm doing less than my duty by NOT running for every political office for which i am eligible. i'm certain the only way america is not going to be flushed down the toilet is if we get some good christians in office.

there. haha...a reaction for you. it took a little creativity to come up with that...and it's still lame. i could pretend to get upset on that bloody forum, but...i think it would be transparent. hehe.

and i'm glad you kept reading...zoegirl. pish posh. rubbish, i say.
ok, i'm wasted...(in a non substance induced way) i might snooze a bit.

-Ben -Ben
So what's the ummm..... ideal paradigm to handle the rare blessings of being able to contribute to the Kingdom of God in a statesmanhood medium?

ron ron
I see what you are saying gRegor. I have been thinking along those lines since I read Charle's Colson's essay on such things.
On a similar note, I was talking to a friend I haven't seen in awhile who turned his back on the faith because of the christians around him being stupid. We were discussing the gay marriage bill that George W. was going against to “preserve the sactity of marriage.”
The point he made was a good one, and that is if you want to preserve the sactity of marriage then why don't you outlaw divorce?
I don't see any christians offering their voice in picket lines concerning that.
Anyway enough of that.

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