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Too smart for my own good?

I was actually told on the Teen Mania alumni forums that I'm “too smart for my own good”, followed by a statement that I tear down people and our government and should just leave the country. Yeah, it was a political discussion. Sorry I like to think and be informed about things.

Anyway, I'm glad I at least got a few comments on the previous post. Ben, I'm not really sure what your question means or how to answer it. I guess you probably mean how should Christians be involved in our government? I think, pretty simply, that the government is there to defend and secure the rights of the citizens, and not much else. Christians should certainly be involved in politics, we certainly need good leaders. But Christians shouldn't be putting off the Church's responsibility on the government or think that doing such will actually make society any better, much less “save” it.

Anyway, on a similar topic, and as Ron's comment quite nicely leads into, I have another good article to share:

Why Christians Should Oppose the Gay Marriage Amendment

It's just that we're so small,

and simply not as strong.

Strong like wings of silver,

and feathers made of gold

to carry heavy hearts,

to cover all our helpless souls

To cover all of us..

– Stavesacre

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RustyShakelfurd RustyShakelfurd
Ah the young... they mean so well...

the spheric1 the spheric1
“...if the US had a simple, uniform income tax code (or better yet, no income taxes!), which did not try to encourage or discourage certain types of behaviors, then gay couples would have no complaint about unfair tax treatment.....The point is, the government has no business saying who is married, just as the government has no business saying who is saved...”

Yeah, I really agree with this guy. I think Christians should support getting the government's hands out of so many places, where issues like this come up, rather than wanting to control the government everywhere it goes.

bbthe1 bbthe1
i know a lot of conservative ppl but i cant think of one who actually supports this. i doubt we'll ever see it come to pass.

K. K.
I think that they should offer tax breaks to people who are not saved. I mean Christians can't take their wealth and posessions with them when they die and well the other people... this is all they've got. But somehow I think this plan would deter people from becoming Christians. On the otherhand it is a big time outward example of the whole “bearing a cross” thing. Then again... maybe we should just offer tax breaks to Christians. That's it Christians don't pay taxes. Before to long everyone will be a Christian and there will be no taxes for anyone! What a wonderful plan!
Taxes are here to stay... deal with it! We'll see Jesus come back before taxes are repealed. In the meantime if you're so opposed to taxes then don't collect unemployment, don't participate in government funded programs, don't abuse welfare, don't drive on the publicly funded highways, don't go to the library, don't call 911!

K. K.
Okay maybe that comment was a teensy bit bitchy (a.k.a. nasty) and I'm sorry. I don't think you have to be nasty to make a point and I should have stuck to my beliefs no matter what.

BurnDark BurnDark
You do bring up a good point. People do try to use the argument that if you think the system is wrong then you are wrong to use the benefits of the system. While this is true, it misses the point. If I know that stealing is wrong, I tell someone it is wrong, but then I do it, it doesn't change the fact that stealing is wrong. The worst you could say about me is that I am a hypocrite. However, my statement is still true.

I know that's not what you were saying Kathy, it just prompted me.

Where the heck did that come from, Kathy? The article wasn't even about taxes, not directly at least. And there was only one passing comment about getting rid of them entirely.

K. K.
I wasn't commenting on the article. It was a mostly general comment and somewhat prompted by that “one passing comment”.
I have two more thoughts though... I thought you weren't going to talk about politics on here anymore? I don't mean anything by it, just curious.
And, you've recently posted some articles saying, “I strongly urge every Christian to read the following two articles.” You do that a lot. Are all the people who read your weblog Christians? Are you only directing your weblog at Christians? Would not people who are not Christians also potentially agree with you? If I disagree with you (or the authors of these articles) am I a bad Christian?

K. K.
Oh yeah... and I didn't even read that article.

ssssssssshaunizzle ssssssssshaunizzle

you're awesome, g-unit.

Sheryl Sheryl
Good article.

ron ron
I never considered that angle. One more to chalk up for the defense of that stance. I am so glad to see that there is an article that was written by a christian, and not a mindless automoton facsimilie thereof.

gwyneth gwyneth
i was totally thinking that. (that i hope it has arrived or i won't get it.)
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cool, thanks g-man. didja get yer stuff?

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