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A show not to miss

Though it's a month old announcement, I just saw this on the Starflyer 59 site:

---We will be going on the road in the fall with Pedro the Lion, starting in Chicago and heading to the east coast. When the dates are finalized we will post them on our site.

SF59 + Pedro.. that should be an awesome tour; I'll have to hit that up.

While some people may not be secure in their Internet geekiness addiction, I am, so I'll freely admit I signed up for a account today when my friend Karla emailed me the link. It's a friend/people network-type system similar to Friendster. So if you're on Myspace and you know me at least somewhat, go ahead and add me. If you're not on Myspace, feel free to join and add me to your list of friends. Come on, affirm my self-esteem! ;-]

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gwyneth gwyneth
gee, who could you be referring to, gRegor. alas...your not-so-subtle barbs prick me not at all. you may continue to try, if it will make you happy.

BlackWolf BlackWolf
This will have to do for your self-esteam.

I already have to much to check now.


ratchickenfan ratchickenfan
haha...good for casey.
yes, i like the ratchicken. it is very probable i told you to check it out before.
you are not a chinese person...are you gRegor?
goooood. goooood.

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