gRegorLove little g big R

I AIM to please (or make people laugh)

she bled pretty: did you ever meet shauna ?

gRegorThe1: No, but looks like we're gonna meet at the Eisley show in September in Chicago

gRegorThe1: I think I should be scared. jk

she bled pretty: ok, i thought it was the copeland show

she bled pretty: shauna is a doll

she bled pretty: i love her so much

gRegorThe1: she seems pretty cool, pretty funny.

gRegorThe1: is she one of those dolls that you pull a string and they talk?

she bled pretty: yeah, and give her a bottle and she pees

gRegorThe1: then I def. won't be giving her a bottle

gRegorThe1: (hmm, this chat could make good xanga-posting material)

Oh, and September 20th.




Opening for Snow Patrol.

Be there or be... absent

...and a square. :-]

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shauna shauna
i am so honored .

&&God's gift to mankind .

we're so gonna be eisley buddies. :D


gwyneth gwyneth
i'm gonna be...absent. mostly on account of going to chicago for a concert would be QUITE the expenditure.

the shroom the shroom
I will be in SC.

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