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Why am I still up?

Nothing political to post today (though I could if you prefer, I'm just choosing not to. heh heh)

About a week ago when I was out running some errands, I planned on stopping by Best Buy to get a copy of Jimmy Eat World's album 'Clarity' - which I own but have not been able to find for going on two years now. Annoying to lose such a great album (shut up, Ron), but since it had been so long and the band was worthy of my support, I didn't mind buying another copy. First, I went by the post office to renew my PO Box and get my mail. I was expecting a package (juggling bean bags) from gwyn, which was there, but was pleasantly surprised to see a burned copy of 'Clarity' in the package as well. I guess based on an offhand comment I made on her site about the album (and missing it), she burned me a copy. So thanks, gee win!

Speaking of Jimmy, they have a new album coming out October 19th. 'Futures'. On their site they have a medley of some of the new songs; sounds pretty sweet so far.. kind of a nice mix between 'Clarity' and 'Bleed American'.

In other music news, Celldweller launched their first music video on their site. Actually it was back in July, I just forgot until now. The video is very very good, as I would expect from Klayton. Check it out.

And Eisley is coming to Chicago with Snow Patrol!

Time to Laugh

If you have a fast connection, you have to check out this video clip. It's from, which is a couple of guys that use video games (particularly, Halo) to make cartoons. This cartoon is a PSA showing people “how the Internet is different from the real world.” One of my favorite parts was on “Going shopping”, on the Internet:

P1: Does anyone have the new Creed cd?

P2: I have it.

P1: Give to me. Right now.

P2: Give it to you? Why would I do that?

P1: You're not giving it to me! Give it to me faster!

P2: Wait, that's illegal.

P1: No it isn't. I don't want it to be illegal, therefore it isn't. That's the way it works.

P3 (obnoxiously yelling from a distance): Creed sucks! I hate you, and I hate the bands you like!

Another funny video, particularly if you're a video game fan, is “Warthog Jump”. They did some pretty cool stuff in Halo and did a nice editing job with music and various sound clips. Sometime when I'm near an Xbox again I'll have to try out this stuff.

I don't know why I'm still up, but I'm not going to be much longer. Time to head home and sleep. zerfasqer fhgwgads

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Sheryl Sheryl
Is there any way to get ahold of you yet other than emailing you or possibly calling your roommate's cell phone? ;-)

StrongBad StrongBad
Everybody to the limit!

gwyneth gwyneth
yo yo.
i'm glad you were pleasantly surprised and saved the cost of a new jew cd.
i should NOT be sitting at my computer. for goodness sakes.
i have 24 hrs before my flight leaves.

s-unit s-unit
ohjeeze .
ohjeeze .
oh jeeze.

i don't know what to say.. so i'll just keep on saying oh jeeze.

i used to love creed.
like. LOVE creed .
they're homos .
and i like pearl jam. =))

and eisley.
and snow patrol.
and hanson.

am i kidding about the hanson part ?
that's for me to know..
and you to decide .



s-unit s-unit

ron ron
a jew cd? how is that any different from a gentile cd?
gRegor that hurt when you told me to shut up. I didn't say anything(he he he).

joam joam
i hope to have an x-box soon, you should come visit.

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