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Have a nice trip, see you next Fall

Fall is here and so is the Fall theme. What do you think? The leaf can serve doubly as a nod to our Canuckian neighbors to the north.

I really love the Fall. Actually I love all the seasons, but particularly during the changing of the seasons. Change is good. I should get out my camera and start taking pictures again.

I feel special, I got a comment from The Jeeves, which is impressive considering how busy he has been lately. I also got my first comment from Karla, who apparently does read after all. Then of course there is Ron who - despite what he says - secretly loves Jimmy Eat World and has had it a lot tougher than them, growing up on the rough streets of Indianapolis. Oooh. I have good friends. :-]

Could we have known?

Never would I,

Helped to nail down

With nothing to gain

Here's the clincher,


+ Chevelle

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Sheryl Sheryl
I've looked for that Chevelle CD a couple times and couldn't find it. It's their new one, right?

Yeah, fall is awesome. It's my favorite season. Plus, some pretty cool people have birthdays in the fall. ;-)

gwyneth gwyneth
i'm going to be a cowgirl and rope people. i don't know what that means, other than i like reese.
didju know that ywam has a branch in montana called c-wam. yeah, it stands for cowboys with a mission. sometimes thinking about that makes me laugh so hard i fall off of chairs.
oh yes. i too, love the fall.

ron ron
yeah, well, you know being a secret jimmy eat world fan is like being gay and in the closest as opposed to being an open lover of the music is like being openly gay:D
Incidentally, my little rough experiences come from living near ESTL, and 10th & Beville in indy...go down there sometime and see if you don't get shot at for being white.
It isn't a matter of having it rougher, I was just mocking the music. Actually I like the new single they have been playing on the radio.

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