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Way too fast

Well I had a good holiday weekend, though it went way too fast I think. How was yours?

I realized today that I don't write so much about what's going on in my life on here anymore. Perhaps because nothing is really going on and I'm boring. Just school and work and sleep, basically. Maybe I should seek out some adventure or something different so I can write about it here. Suggestions are welcomed. :-]

I was at Tar-jay today buying some necessities and decided to pick up the Polyphonic Spree album. It was only $8.99 and came with a bonus CD, so I figured it was worth it since I'd heard such good things about them and liked the one song I had heard so far. I wasn't disappointed.. it's fabulous. If you're not familiar with them, they are “a choral symphonic pop band” - yes, like, 20+ people playing and singing. It's lovely music and fun to listen to. Their website is pretty darn cool, too. Check it out and you can sample some of their songs.

Also, tonight at work I found this funny website, - the name just about says it all. Watch their videos.

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bdizzle bdizzle
my weekend? TM holidays stink.

the end.

BurnDark BurnDark
Adventure...hmm..maybe we should go on an adventure together. Perhaps that would lighten my mood. I would suggest Road Trip Toga Party but I'm sure you're not into that. Perhaps a gasoline fight?

wo mei you mingzi wo mei you mingzi
you can't PLAN gasoline fights. geeesh.
um, you are always good for a new random funny website. cheers for that, mate.
i listened to slick shoes (burnout) 1 million times in the past 2 days, i think. in fact, it plays...even now.

Patrick Garrett Patrick Garrett
I've been keeping track of your postings to the Hitchcockhill Xanga site. I know him personally. You do make some good points about some things he posts on his site. I just want to say good for you. There is way too much mutual admiration on these sites, and it does good for my heart to see some debate on these things. America was founded on debate, is led by finding our way through the process of active thinking, which you may notice is rare these days. It is even rarer on what amounts to vanity published columns of what is supposed to pass for opinion. In certain cases, this “opinion” turns out to be the parroting of what someone else has said. You can see it in the eerily similar rhetoric used. I have been guilty of doing this myself sometimes, but I try to post my own opinions. That is why I have given up on my own weblog. It is just too time consuming for very little return. But comments on posts were always appreciated, and I just wanted to let you know that someone is reading what you write, and while I cannot say that I agree with everything you say (and I think you would be a bit let down if that was the case) I find what you say thought provoking and interesting. It is original and does not seem to be the bleatings of a member of a flock, but the writing of a thinking individual. I find that very refreshing, and not something I see a lot of on Xanga. that is why I have given up reading a lot of Xanga sites. It seems to have attracted many juvenile attitudes, and often is a home of cranks and crackpots. With the occasional bits of gold, like your site. Keep up the good work.

ron ron
obviously Garret has never been to my site.
http://www.youhavebadtastei... why not go to the jimmy eat world website? ha ha...if you want some adventure come out here for halloween since there is an obvious satanic influence around stl. I need some cohorts...

yeah.. that'll definitely happen.

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