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So for several years now I've had this idea in the back of my head that it would be fun to have a 24 hour marathon at Steak 'n Shake. Think about it, you'd get a soft drink and a cup of coffee (free refills), then just order your meals. Bring board games and several friends, and have a grand ole time. Well I started to think about this again, and was thinking that for my 26th birthday maybe I'll actually do this. Who wants to come? The more the merrier. Maybe we'll get in the Guinness Book of World Records!

I made a mistake in my last post; I linked to one of the wrong shirts. I wanted to get the WMD shirt, but decided to go with this one instead. Maybe you guys will find that more humorous, particularly if you're into math. Anyway, I got them both now, and I'm enjoying them.

Relient K has some pretty funny commercials for their new album on their website. Even if you don't like Relient K (I'm not a huge fan myself) you should watch them because they're funny. I want my wedding to be like the second video. :-]

Oh, and Havalina Rail Co released their album Russian Lullabies in it's entirety for free on their website. Good stuff there, and I think that CD is hard to find now, so you should download it and burn it.

Today is the Roper concert. From the sound of things it should have a good turnout. I'm looking forward to it.

Finally, I made a new desktop image based on Stavesacre's song Gold and Silver which I have really been enjoying lately. It's on ze media page.

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gwyneth gwyneth
wow. roper for you tonight. that's 'citing. enjoy.
and...comments about the other stuff too.
comments, comments.
your desktop thing's pretty cool.

shauna shauna
YEAH steak and shake
heidi and babsy were so excited to go there for some reason.
then they found out it wasn't that awesome ?


kim kim
A Steak and Shake marathon would be fun stuff!!!
You could also hassle the help!

gwyneth gwyneth
ah yes, but i am a laptop girl, and thus: no middle mouse/scrolly thingy click available to me.
firefox disowned. again.

Amy Amy
because of your comment on my journal, I might have to fill out the wife application. You impressed my friend sallie and she happens to be my offical husbend finder.

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