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My heart beats for California, Vol I

I opted to break this into volumes instead of one huge post. See Vol II and Vol III.

So, California. It was a blast, as expected. My flight was at 8:55 AM on Friday, and since I had just worked at FedEx till about 3 AM (and had not really packed yet, heh) I just stayed up because I knew it would be hard to just get a couple hours sleep and drag myself out of bed for the flight. I figured I'd sleep on the flight, and sleep I did.

I got my rental car on for a pretty good rate, and since I selected “economy” I was figuring I'd get a little 2-door, 4-cylinder car, but I got a nice roomy 4-door, 6-cylinder Chevy Malibu Maxx. This made for fun driving in LA since it had those cool options like “get up” and “go”, not to mention “cd player”.

I was told that LA has the busiest traffic corridor in.. the world? Certainly in America at least. I didn't mind it much at all, though, it was actually kind of fun, perhaps it's just the different scenery.. palm trees, mountains, curves - all while driving on a 4 or 5 lane freeway. I drove to my friend Ryan's place in Hollywood, where I was staying for the weekend. It was pretty cool to get off the highway, make a turn, and see the Hollywood sign at the top of the hill. It was still a few miles away, I'm sure, but looked pretty close. Closer than I had ever been, for sure. I found Ryan's place without too much difficulty and buzzed him. It was funny, he kind of forgot it was Friday that I was coming, not that he wasn't prepared for me, he just has been crazy-busy lately with planning the Tandem Arts launch party (which was last night actually, hopefully it went well).

I caught up on a couple more hours of sleep, then headed back out into traffic to go visit Brian and Rachel. Rush hour in LA... yessss! (Again, I actually did not mind it. It wasn't parking-lot-traffic bad.) We ended up just hanging out at their place. Rachel cooked a really good dinner (raspberry chicken) and we played a derivation of Scrabble while catching up on old times and ... new times? They weren't too familiar with Homestar Runner, so I showed them some of the better Strong Bad emails, including keed's booook of course. They had this pewter picture frame on their table that didn't have a picture yet, so we decided to fix that. I suggested they put a picture of their computer in it because... you know, it'd be funny? [If you're lost, think 'puter = computer ... ?]

Yes, the three of us have similar senses of humor, so there were many instances of corny jokes like that...

Rachel: (from the kitchen) “how does chicken sound?”

gRegor: *pause* “cluck-cluck”

R: *pause* “ok-ay. and what's your reaction when you think about the idea of eating dead chicken for dinner?”

g: *pause* “mmmm”

And the evening and morning was the Friday.

Are you gonna live your life,

   standing in the back looking around?

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Sheryl Sheryl
I came close to going to California once. When I was in Arizona visiting my cousin, she mentioned the possibility of it, but we ended up just checking out Sedona instead. Oh well, maybe someday. It'd be easier if I knew a bunch of people out there like you do.

Elizabeth Elizabeth
woohoo-i can't wait to read Vol. II-? It was a fun time getting to meet you this weekend.
Patrick and I went to the Tandem Arts thing last night and had a happy time with Karla. I'm glad you invited her along to Gwyn's house. And I'm glad you made it home to Indiana safely of course.

shauna shauna
i've never been there .
doesn't dcfc have a song about la ?
and traffic ?

heidi and babsy made fun of me when i called chicago traffic .

The Spheric1 The Spheric1
LA is so big, I think it depends on where you are... I was worried the first time I drove there. I was driving a big box truck, at rush hour, into the sun! It was a bit crazy with like a dozen lanes of traffic, but it worked.

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