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My heart beats for California, Vol II

Read Vol I if you haven't already. Then Vol III finishes it off.

Editor's Note: It's been brought to my attention by Brian that they're “not entirely in the dark” about culture; they were familiar with Homestar Runner, just hadn't had time to visit it this year due to how busy they've been.

Most of the morning and early afternoon on Saturday I spent with gee win over at her pad (er, flat?), playing dice, listening to music, and trying to get her laptop to display DVD video on the TV properly so we could watch the Five Iron Frenzy DVD, but no such luck. We got it to display on the TV, but the size was way too big, and we tried everything but it just wouldn't cooperate, so we gave up on that. I went by Downtown Disney, where Heidi works, to have lunch with her, but she wasn't able to take her break for at least another hour due to coworkers already on break. Jerks. So I only got to spend a few minutes with her, which is better than nothing.

At about 4 gwyn and I headed to the Getty Museum to meet up with Ryan and Karla. The Getty is pretty cool, it's a free museum up on top of a mountain, which has quite a nice view of the whole LA area. Ryan and Karla didn't know gwyn, but hit it off pretty well right away. Karla made a good... Karla first impression. Heh, we won't talk about that. There was some very nice art there, as well as some rather weird art. Gwyn fell up the stairs, which was pretty impressive and humorous. Karla warned us about getting our noses too close to the paintings; she almost got kicked out one time for sniffing the paintings.. or something like that. :-] Unfortunately we missed most of the sunset, but did get to see a bit of it while up there. I think it was a beautiful view at night, too, with all the city and traffic lights for miles. We topped off the night eating at this bakery/deli place which was pretty good, and talked for hours about all sorts of stuff like Teen Mania, Reese Roper, movies, and how your mom went to college.

And the evening and morning was the Saturday.

we were so young

 and brilliantly naive

  to the joy

 and the pain

   and the days

   that we would see

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Sheryl Sheryl
I've fallen up the stairs before. It's not as hard as you might think. Heh.

gwyneth gwyneth
yeah. the karla first impression...haha.

P Garrett P Garrett
I have been reading your comments to “hitchcockhill's” xanga site with some interest. I read a great many blogs, some I agree with, and some I don't. But when one frequent poster is asked to keep his two cents to himself--well, I just don't know, Your comment was right on, and debate and disagreement is what makes America strong. Sadly, some young people have what amounts to a “vanity press” where the only comments that are tolerated are those that feed needy egos, and small minds. I know the writer a little bit, and while you and I would likely disagree about many issues facing this country today, I find that reading opinion contrary to mine helps me make better arguements, and sometimes I find I am in error. The author of “Hitchcockhill” attempts to defend the Bush administration, but does so in such a confused and logically indefensible way that the author's Mom has begged me to stop reading it, as I sometimes get very upset with this boy. And as a older, overweight, hypertensive man, that is not good for me. I have a similar reaction when I hear “The Savage Nation”, I have to turn it off. I have zero patience for sloppy thinking,or in some cases no thinking at all. The website I refer to is written by someone who is searching--for what I don't know, but I have assurances from the author's Mom (and my wife) that “hitchcockhill” is “confused”. She doesn't read the stupid thing because she thinks it is a colossal waste of time. But like a tooth with a cavity, no matter how painful it is you find yourself returning again and again. It is the only way I have found to figure out what is going on in the heads of my wife's children. But I have digressed. With this kid, he has told his Mom exactly what the site is for. It is all about how many compliments this kid can get. It is mental masturbation in public, and when some decent person objects, this kid's psychological pathology causes him to attack those who would dare critisize him. It is frustrating to have to watch this from a distance, I have offered what guidance I can, but it seems to cause more difficulties for everyone. Now he has asked you to keep your opinions to yourself. For what its worth I apologize for such rudeness. Your comments are insightful and if they are not found useful by “Hitchcockhill” please know I find them stimulating, even if I don't always agree.

Steven New Steven New
Hey, I was do a search for Five Iron Frenzy DVD, because I heard they were supposedly releasing a music video collection, and came to your blog. Do you have this DVD? When did or is it coming out?

I am just wondering.


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