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Weekend Update

I made some realizations about myself this weekend, not all of which were very “positive”. At the same time, they were good because they helped me realize my own inadequacy, and I know the Person who can make up for that. It's hard to let Him do that if you don't accept your inadequacies, no?

I also got creative this weekend and decided to make something about my California trip (this weekend, woo!) and the people I'm visiting: California, here I come. Enjoy.

I think I'm gonna go through with the Steak 'n Shake marathon on my XXVI birthday, everyone seems to think it's a great idea, so I'll just have to talk to Steak 'n Shake and make sure it's cool. I also decided to have a cookout/bonfire out at my mom's house on Saturday November 6th, which should be fun times. You can come if you want. BYOHDCS (Bring your own hot dog cooking stick)

I'm all about using Roman numerals for people's birthdays now. You should try it, it's fun.

Sorry, just gRegor here for this Weekend Update, no Jimmy Fallon.

But here, ladies, you can swoon over his picture.

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gee wyn gee wyn
i am number three.

Sheryl Sheryl
I didn't recognize Rachel the first time I saw this. So I guess I've met three of these people. Tell them I said “hi”.

Monica Monica
way to mention jimmy eat world.

they're from where i live.


oh and i AM swooning over the fallon, so thanks.

hi. i'm monica. nice to comment on you . . . err ummm your site . . .

ron ron
you have good taste in movies, and I too will do the roman numeral thing...I just wish I had a vin deisel picture to with my age XXX

elizabeth elizabeth
the day of your cookout for your XXVI birthday is my XXVI birthday. see you tomorrow.

Sheryl Sheryl
Does the cookout have to be that day? Angie's having a party that day too. :-/

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