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I just got back from my last night at FedEx. Man was it cold, but it was good; it wasn't too rough of a night. I got several comments from co-workers early on like “what were you thinking when you came in? I would have been like 'forget this, it's my last night and it's too cold'” and “I don't care if you slack off tonight at the back of the line.” One of my co-workers jokingly told me Monday that he was impressed I showed up instead of just not coming in this week at all. Heh.

Obviously I wanted to leave FedEx with a good work reference, but it's more than that; it's just the principle of the thing. I worked just like I would any other night. I think some people were impressed with my work ethic, which I cannot really take credit for.. have to thank my parents for that one. There were some neat people on our line that I will miss working with.

And now it's officially Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for many things, but probably most thankful for my friends. Friends are one of God's best ideas ever - so is good music, but that's another discussion. So wherever you are on this holiday, my friends, I hope you realize you are greatly appreciated.

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S.H. S.H.
So are you.

ron ron
that is how I was about my last night at work as well

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