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Red Hair

As promised, me with red hair:

dark auburn + blonde hair means it doesn't come out quite as dark auburn as you might expect.

but I like the result.

what a nose, eh? I like it actually, it helps me woo women.

you think I'm joking.

well I guess I'll have to answer your question with another question:

how many abodiginals do you see modeling?

And here's a bonus picture, me taking a picture of my mom taking a picture of me. She got some good ones of me (with her freakin' awesome Nikon D100) but didn't have her USB stuff, so I'll get those later.

when did we all start living

    a world in a photograph?

+ Shiny Toy Guns (Photograph)

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shauna shauna
oooooooooooooh lalaaaaaaaaa .
next time .. try black . :D

gwyneth gwyneth
i don't know what to say.

-Obes -Obes
There you go trying to turn into your red-headed alter ego again... I seem to remember this happening before... deja vu?

cameron cameron
Is it just me or is your mom hot?

Post more pics of her.

Just kidding.

smile on.

bethany bethany
uh wha? you don't know me. you dont know whats going on in my life.
i'm not emo. gosh.

ron ron
I am reminded of that steve martin movie “roxanne”

bethany bethany
sorry, i didnt mean to take offense. i was a bit short-tempered last night, and even the slightest bit of stereotyping set me off.

i'm not depressed about things, i'm just struggling a lot. with school. this is my future i'm talking about..
i didnt mean to go all “emo” in my post, but i've been down.

bethany bethany
thanks, g-love.

Ben Ben
HEY! The red looks good! (who'd a thunk?)

greggan! greggan!
oh what great pictures! the picture of your mom is so great, she looks like a crazed papparriaiairiatiz lady.

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