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So I've been trying to figure out how many people actually read my site lately. I wonder sometimes if people don't realize my weblog is actually on my web site, and xanga is merely used as a way to let people know when I've updated. I changed the wording of my xanga entry recently to make this more clear.

I know it is convenient to read all of your subscriptions on one page, so maybe it's annoying to click a separate link to view entries. Or maybe people do and just don't comment. That's perfectly OK (though comments are always welcomed and appreciated), but I'm still curious as to how many “lurkers” I have versus “subscribe-and-forget”, because I have 61 subscribers and substantially fewer regular commenters. No, I'm not complaining.

Most of my subscribers (43) are set to receive email notifications. I wonder if xanga only sends notifications of new posts, and not posts where the timestamp is updated (the latter is what I do). If so, then lots of people probably aren't even aware I've been updating frequently.

So, for my own curiousity's sake, as well as general statistics purposes (hey, I'm a geek) would those who are subscribed to me (particularly those who don't comment regularly or at all) briefly answer:

1) How often do you read my weblog? Regularly? Once every week or two? Once a month? Never?

2) If you read and don't comment, why not? Content too boring? Nothing to say? Too busy? Didn't know you could even comment? :-]

3) Do you prefer to get weblog entries sent via email or read them on the “Sites I Read” page of Xanga?

I'm considering an email subscription thingy that would send my entries directly to people, since it seems a majority of you prefer that. For ease sake, I posted this on xanga and my site, so you can leave your responses to this post at either place. Thanks for taking the time to comment and answer these.

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Alan Gallivan Alan Gallivan
I read once every week or two... or three... pardon me. :)

Todd Garrett Todd Garrett
i just cant get into weblogs usually.....especially with people calling them “blogs” *shudder* but i keep meaning to read this thing more often than i do...

i'm not the commenty type....i'm also not subscribed to fact i dont believe i match ANY of the criteria you were looking for, so my comment is irrelevant! wooha! success! (though you occasionally ask me on AIM if i've read your weblog recently, so perhaps you think me seeing it matters somehow :P)

ron ron
paranoia paranoia
par le vou par le vou

cameron cameron
1) When I see that you have a new post.

2) Too busy many times, or too little meaningful things to say, but sometimes I do comment. Like now.

3) Xanga. I have a list of blogs I check and read and I just scroll through them twice a day when I particularly hate my job.

Hope this helps.

smile on.

Josh Josh
I get em' each time you timestamp on xanga!

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