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([ - ]) I can't go see Cool Hand Luke play, due to working at FedEx.

([ + ]) I'm putting in my two weeks notice at FedEx tomorrow (er, today). Not because of missing concerts, it's just been wearing on me too much.

([ + ]) But being able to go to weeknight concerts again will be good, too.

([ - ]) Dropping another class tomorrow (er, today). I suck. Die school, die.

([ + ]) I had a bonfire out at my mom's house last night. Many people came and much fun was had while cooking hot dogs and S'mores. The weather was chilly, the fire hot, and the stars bright.

([ + ]) My mom gave me a haircut yesterday, as well as dyed my hair dark auburn. I like it, it looks good. Picture coming soon.

([ + ]) I just found out that *Shiny Toy Guns* will be playing December 18th at HOB in Chicago. This band is one of my new favorites and I'm strongly considering going. Any Indy locals want to go to Chicago on that Saturday?

([ + ]) Um, I think that's about all for now. What's new with you? Time for you to comment.

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gwyneth gwyneth
gRegor w/ dark auburn hair. i'm puzzled...and strangely disturbed. oh wait...I DON'T EXIST, so i'm sure my opinion is worthless. i'm gonna go make a non-existent shirt for me to NOT WEAR.

Sheryl Sheryl
So you're dropping your last class now?

Alan G Alan G
No comment

Alan Alan
well, actually... Hi. I will be in town this upcoming week.

And, I'm glad you'll stop working at FedEx, for you own health.

And, neat layout of your points, though I thought these were pros and cons for something, as opposed to general positives and negatives (unless I'm further mistaken). Oh well.

shauna shauna
cool hand luke is aweSome .

my friend's band is opening for the calling friday night .
super cool .

and yes
jesus loves the little emo kids .
and he even still loves you, gregor.
even though you didn't vote for bush.

:D :D

they guy using your computerr they guy using your computerr
i watched andy fall asleep with his but in the air

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