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writing binge?

I've been in a bit of a writing binge type of mood lately. Actually it's more like I get one or two sentence ideas to further develop, so I've been jotting them down to form into something later. Today I finished off one I've been working on for a little while; it's posted now.

One of the churches I attend got a cover story written about them in a local indie paper called Nuvo. It's a pretty well-known free paper around here, fairly “liberal” I guess you'd say. I use quotes because I really dislike the “liberal” vs “conservative” pigeon-holes, which take away from the actual meaning of the two words, but I digress. Many Christians might be skeptical about such a paper writing an article about their church, however this article turned out pretty positive, I think. Check it out. My only “objection” is that one of the members' quotes toward the end makes it sound like people at the church don't have many friends outside of the church, which isn't true for most of them, I'm sure.

Tomorrow I'm going to go by the bank and find out about a loan for my final 16 credit hours (yesssss!) needed to graduate. This semester has been... ugh. Crap. I'm not going to go into it. But now that I've left FedEx I'm refocusing a bit and am getting more committed (and resolute I guess you could say), so I'm looking forward to these last few classes and finishing them well. Maybe as early as Summer '05, but definitely Fall '05 at the latest. I'm also going to go by my job at IUPUI and iron out my new hours now that my availability has increased. This is just boring stuff about my Monday that you probably don't care about, haha. Moving on.

I'm feeling a bit sickly. Prayers would be appreciated. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help tonight.

Finally, another band on Myspace, Summer Darling has impressed me with their music, but perhaps moreso with their “empire” portion of their website. Here's what it says:


A change of pace. A change of thought.

Although it might take a successful c.e.o. at a huge corporate company a lifetime of stress and five last breath of life to learn that money is what did this to him and that it will do it to others, we have learned this the easy way.

The empire is a haven for those of us who long for more from life than just a big house and enough money to pay off ex-lovers and the maids that take care of our children. It is a demand for our own lives to not be wasted. It's action spawned from fear that there isn't anything more to life than getting everything you want and finding something else that only costs more. It's the act of sitting by a window on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, realizing that every drop of rain has more purpose than any paper of work.

Listen and remember.

A lost empire of dreamers. Join the empire again



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Alan Alan
Though I like what led up to this quote, I don't understand the following: “realizing that every drop of rain has more purpose than any paper of work.”

Either that shows my future demise, or else I just don't understand the quote. Either way... Wha' the?

Alan Alan
btw, I commented BEFORE I knew that you commented on my website recently. (Just so you know that I wasn't merely being courteous. :0} )

brandy brandy
I thought I would use the “subtle hints” to uh... tell you about my hatred in a... nice way. Gee whiz. I tell ya, I cant' do ANYTHING right.

The quote, to me, basically means that a career is really quite meaningless in the scope of things. So much so that the simple things of nature (like rain) have more purpose. So it's important to find something worthwhile to do with your life, not just have a career.

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