gRegorLove little g big R


Sotaku (Brandon) Sotaku (Brandon)
Yay... Wish we could have been at the Bob Evan's shindig... but we're in Maine, where it's like 50 degrees today... weird...

Sheryl Sheryl
I don't think it works quite as well without the *turtleneck* sweater.

ron ron
you look like a muppet that is jonzing for some crack ;-)

Sheryl Sheryl
(but it was funny)

the spheric1 the spheric1
Hilarious. Who took that picture?

shauna shauna
:D !!

that looks familiar ..

Kar Kar
i got it, don't worry.

Ben Ben
that's awesome!

Josh Josh
Looking good bro... looking good.

greggan! greggan!
hahaha, hoTT stuff.

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