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Losing a friend sucks

Particularly when you have no idea why; communication is just cut off altogether. It doesn't help when you already have a hard time trusting people sometimes. Not so much entrusting them with yourself, more like an occasional insecurity over whether they will truly be your friend, whether they truly care as much as they say they do, etc. [That's a whole long story in itself, but thankfully I have gotten better over the years.]

I'm left not knowing if I have hurt or offended or what; I can't even get simple yes/no answers to these questions, I just get ignored. After multiple attempts to communicate - almost verging on “pestering” - all I'm left with is this person clearly wants to have nothing more to do with me. It makes me sad. I've lost friends before, but never like this. Life goes on, and I'm sure I'll think about this less and less as time goes on, until I don't think about it at all. I don't want to stop thinking about it though, because I'm talking about someone I care about.

Stop caring and become colder; care and be saddened. It's a lose-lose situation.

what does it take

  to get a drink in this place

what does it take

 how long must I wait?

+the postal service

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ron ron
I understand that completely...unfortunately I choose to not care and become colder.
I am still trying to find that balance.

obes obes
Yeah, that stinks. I like to be on the “I'm sure they'll come around sometime” end of it all... but that is just the way I am.

Call me bro! You still got my number! :)

Kar Kat Kar Kat
Sounds like we are in very similar situations. You read my xanga, so you know how i am choosing to look at it.

gwyneth gwyneth
um, thanks, but i do my own computer hacking. :-D
i'm sorry you lost a friend. that is sad. very very sad. i shall endeavour to remember to pray for you.

Allison Allison
OK, at this point I'm ACTUALLY gonna stop stalking your past self.

But I'm gonna go out w/ a bang.

This EXACT thing happened to me almost a year after you wrote this. And I totally understand. It kills.

And I'm still kinda bitter.

But I'm glad someone at least understands the feeling.

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