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Room Noises

It's coming. February 8, 2005!

Eisley: Room Noises

Check out some streaming songs from the album, and video:

Telescope Eyes

WMP (56k) | WMP (128k) | Quicktime

Lost at Sea

WMP (56k) | WMP (128k) | Quicktime

Golly Sandra

WMP (56k) | WMP (128k) | Quicktime

Lost at Sea remix

WMP (56k) | WMP (128k) | Quicktime

I Wasn't Prepared (Video)

WMP (56k) | WMP (300k) | Quicktime

I'm enjoying all of them - especially Telescope Eyes and the Lost at Sea remix.

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gwyneth gwyneth
how many of these songs are new? cos i'm so not even considering buying it unless at least 2/3 of them are new. and remixes don't count.

eugene eugene
are they chick emo? maybe that's redundant.

gwyn, the tracklisting is:
1. - Memories
2. - Telescope Eyes
3. - I Wasn't Prepared
4. - Golly Sandra
5. - Marvelous Things
6. - Brightly Wound
7. - Lost At Sea
8. - My Lovely
9. - Just Like We Do
10. - Plenty Of Paper
11. - One Day I Slowly Floated Away
12. - Trollywood

So only four of these songs are “old”, but they are all fresh recordings of them, and some are quite different from previous versions. Like Telescope Eyes is quite different; I Wasn't Prepared is a lot better (and I thought it was great before!)

strongly consider buying this, it will be a great album.

eugene, you're redundant and your bag of two jokes is growing old.

and you don't know what emo even is.


eugene eugene
I know what emo, and a civil tone would be proper

eugene eugene
sorry gRegor

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