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Winter Eyes'd

It's officially winter and I just winterized the site.

I've been keeping busy with work, which is boring, so I won't write about that.

Last Friday night was a Christmas / going-away party for my good friends the Walkers. It was quite fun to spend time with them as I haven't seen them in a while. Even better, we busted out the Dance Dance Revolution and just about everybody took turns playing. I would like to have that game. Guess I'd need a game system first.

Saturday I went to Chicago with Sheryl to see Shiny Toy Guns and Kill Hannah play at the House of Blues. We made a day of it and it was quite fun. STG is one of my new favorite bands, and they played a great set. Kill Hannah was pretty good too, with an awesome stage show.. lasers, smoke, real snow.. craziness. Sheryl wrote about the whole day and posted pictures too, so you should just go see that (and leave a comment). The drive home was particularly fun when we got blasted with lake-effect snow, essentially causing a whiteout. The drive home took like 5 hours, when it's normally 3.

Friday morning we're having the 4th annual Christmas Eve Bob Evan's Brunch. It's become a fun little tradition and I'm looking forward to it as several people who I haven't seen in a while are probably going to be able to come.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with family and friends and show them how much we love them. Let's also not forget “we love because He first loved us”, and Jesus was the ultimate gift to express that to us.

Screw materialism. (that would make a nice Christmas card, eh?)

freedom means love

   without condition

without a beginning or an end

here's my heart

let it be forever yours

  only you can make




seem so new

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greggan! greggan!
once again, i enjoyed your post =) merry Christmas gRegor!

like you have to ask like you have to ask
I am trying to find a point that sticks out so that I can disagree with something that is taken out of context. what to do. what to do. hmm...

shauna shauna
hahahah .
merry christmas !

Josh Josh
Happy New Year man!

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