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Dutch Chocolate coffee. Fresh ground.

I haven't posted in a while... I've been pretty boring lately. And busy. Most of my time has been spent working with boyd “the droid” and thomas “t-rex” helping them out with new Eisley web stuff. It's gonna be sweet. boyd has some amazing graphic design skillzz. With two Z's!

Coffee is sooooo goooooood.

Anyone remember the album below? Probably not. Code of Ethics was one of the first albums I ever bought, and largely responsible for my interest in electronic music.

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The Spheric1 The Spheric1
Oh yeah, I certainly know Code of Ethics. They were odd to me in that their first album, Visual Paradox, was my favorite, and I like each one after that less than the one before. By the time they broke up they were trying to be grunge. Anyway, V.P., the self titled and both of the mix cds are the only stuff of theirs I still have.

ron...up yours cyberworld!!! ron...up yours cyberworld!!!
I remember being condemned to play them when I was dj in college some 11 years ago...which is why I ended my show with “chipmunk” punk aka “God Rules” by Undercover set 77(on the turntable...for those of you born after '83 that's the way we “old” folks used to listen to music)

Anjel Anjel
I wish I knew them...but i'm so bad with names - i never know what i'm listening to ;)

eat it. eat it.
electronic music=crap.

gwyneth gwyneth
having said that...i will now remind you that i like the postal service (which is NOT a gateway electronic music-drug)...
also...i have distinct memories of going to a free bleach-code of ethics show in hs. we liked bleach way better.

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